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We talk about the best equipment, food plots, technology and how to use that gear to gain an advantage in the field.  If you are new to hunting, a DIY hunter, or you hunt with the best outfitters across the country, you are going to learn several tips on each and every show that will help you to have success while you are whitetail deer hunting.We interview the nation’s leading experts on hunting whitetail deer from all over North America to get you the inside scoop on what is working and what isn’t.  We share the best hunting stories and we try to educate hunters on the best tips and tactics to have success whether you are hunting archery season, black powder or rifle hunting mature whitetail deer.

Come join us as we share the traditions of hunting, the campfire stories of great hunts, introducing women and kids to the outdoors and stories from our past with Whitetail Rendezvous host and executive Producer Bruce Hutcheon.

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Why was the Whitetail Rendezvous podcast was created?

I retired about four years ago and began spending more and more days hunting whitetails. I quickly realized that while traveling cross county to the Midwest from my home in Colorado I had hours of windshield time to get Whitetail smart. How the heck was I going to connect to audio information?

Answer, podcasts off my smart phone. Quickly I realized that while there were some good whitetail focused podcasts out there I just was not getting the info I wanted. Returning from last fall’s hunts I spent time listening to many different podcast forums and gained a lot of knowledge about podcasts.

I sure had a lot to learn about the how, what, why and when of producing value based content on a consistent basis for those with a passion for Whitetails. I knew that if I wanted to great focused information, useful strategies, new techniques and ideas on how it’s done right so would thousands of others.

The work really began when my good friend, Bob Roark said he was interested in the project and wanted to help bring it to life. Phew, was I glad about that for hundreds of reasons. He helped me develop the foundation of Whitetail Rendezvous.

From an idea the project morphed into a passion to a build whitetail community that shares “great stuff” with guys & gals just like you.

I’ve shared the idea behind Whitetail Rendezvous now let me share some of my background.

Learn More About The Deer Hunting Institute

We are developing a course for hunters by hunters to help you be the best hunter you can be. Npw through July 11th you can become a founding member!

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Looking For Hunting Resources?

We have a full directory of hunting resources right here on our website. We list every company we have had on the show easily for you to access when you need it.


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