#524 Why We Hunt – Melanie Peterson Outdoors

Why We Hunt - Melanie Peterson Outdoors
Melanie Peterson Outdoors

Well, one of the…as we were talking about why we hunt and the experiences that we remember so vividly in our own minds and the images that we bring home with us, those memories, those experiences, that is what, at least in my mind, draw us into the field every day, year after year, to hunt, to experience the wildlife, to experience the people, to grow closer with people that have very similar ideas and very similar desires.

Why We Hunt – Melanie Peterson Outdoors

And we build these bonds over events like you just described with your bear. Being able to experience that with a person, you’ll forget who the guide was, you’ll never forget who the…where you were camping, you’ll never forget, you know, those looks that you get from animals that are that close.

Why We Hunt - Melanie Peterson Outdoors
Mark & Melanie

I mean I’m sure Dave remembers his first leopard charge. There isn’t a single one of us professionals that forget that first quick leopard charge, just like you never forget taking your first elephant.

And these are things that live with us and it’s that desire to build those relationships, to build those experiences that bring us into the field. It’s not the blood, it’s not killing the next animal, it is the bond that we achieve with our…not only ourselves, our own spirituality, but other people and the animals we pursue.

Yeah, well said. And I don’t know how we express that. Dave, your thoughts? Because you see, you know, hundreds of people every year.

Why We Hunt - Melanie Peterson Outdoors
Dave Freeburn Safaries

Yeah. I mean you get guys come over here and, you know, we all… Maybe sometimes we’re a little bit spoiled in the profession that we do and have. But when you get guys coming over here as their first safari, the experiences you have around the campfire, the camaraderie around the campfire, the early morning sunrise, you know, to stop and watch the sunset go down, those are the memories that they’ll take back with them.

It’s not necessarily the 50-inch kudu bull or whatever they might be out pursuing. It’s  you know, like Marc said, it’s why we do what we do. It’s to be in the bush and the outdoors with like-minded people. It’s a privilege and an honor. And to do this and do it every day as my job I’m very lucky, I know that.

it’s done with integrity and ethics

Yeah. And one thing, you know, the hunters that you guys have hung with, and of course Melanie and her friends, you know, it’s done with integrity and ethics. That it’s…and people look at you and, “What does that mean?” And it’s a pure…when you really get down to it, it’s you against the animal in the environment, but you’re doing it on the purest form going all the way back to when the Inuits or the people who came across the Bering Sea land bridge.

They were hunters and gatherers. And if they didn’t kills something, they were dead. There’s no question about it.

Melanie, your two cents on this topic?

it’s about the experience

I fully agree. I think people sometimes think that hunting is all about the killing, it’s really not, it’s about the experience. It’s sharing those moments with others. And for me that’s the reason I taxidermy everything, because I want to relive every single one of those hunts.

Why We Hunt - Melanie Peterson Outdoors
Cape Buffalo – Melanie Peterson – Terry Tate – Professional Big Bore Air Rifle

Yeah. And when we started the Melanie Peterson Outdoors, I mean the commitment from Melanie to try and bring that experience, those experiences, to a somewhat ignored demographic in our industry, you know, we have a female market that’s one of the fastest growing markets that we have now, the interest in the outdoors, and there’s really not a lot of ambassadorship that is targeted for women pursuing their own desire to be in the outdoors, to promote themselves, to experience these things.

a female market that’s one of the fastest growing markets

You know, as it builds your own psyche and your own personality, being able to experience that with another woman, a fellow sportsman, and being introduced to places that are equally safe as they are productive as they are where people can have just a wonderful experience, whether they’re with their three or four-year-old child or if they’re in their, you know, 70s and 80s. We wanted to make sure that we were giving some of those people that might shy away from international hunting that opportunity.

So, folks, this is a special intro to the upcoming podcast with Melanie Peterson, http://bit.ly/2mymdad and Dave Freeburn, Dave Freeburn Safaris and Marc LeQuieu, http://bit.ly/2uPKqwh and we’re going to be going on Melanie’s Cape Buffalo hunt with an air rifle. So, and we’re going to talk about Melanie Peterson Outdoors, http://bit.ly/2mymdad. So with that I’m going to say…we’re going to close this segment. And be looking for it because we’re going to be posting this on social media as something that people should consider when you think about what hunting is.

This is your host, Bruce Hutcheon, saying have a great afternoon.

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