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We’re heading out to Virginia and a good friend, Dr. Shawn Tyson, the owner of Pure One Outdoors talking about UV & Scent Control https://xouthunt.com/. Dr. Shawn, welcome to the show.

Deer Hunting – Scent & UV Control – Dr. Shawn Tyson

Hey, thanks for having me back again, Bruce. It’s fun to be back with you. It’s been a year, and we’ve had a lot of growth over a year, and it’s good to see you.

Yeah, and I’m proud of your growth, and we’ll get into that during the show. And you got some announcements to make, where, you know, some major buck stories have picked you up, and things are going good. But before we do it, you know, I was talking to the people who makes Sno-Seal. What’s the name of that company?


Atsko. And they know UV, and I know you know UV. And so let’s talk about and have a discussion for the next few minutes about UV and the fibers and how deer see a blue hue that’s in the spectrum. You’ve done any work with all folks. You know deer see blue. And let’s deep dive in it. So people understand why you need to neutralize those UV emissions.

Yeah, first, so let’s just…

If I said that right. If I said that right.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I understand you. Let’s start off first with just understanding the deer has a different type of eye than a human. A human has a UV filter built into their eye to block all of the UV rays from the sun. A deer and a lot of other wild game do not have a UV filter in their eye, and that allows them to see better at real low light conditions.

You know, that’s when they’re out feeding and moving around, especially at night time as well. So when it comes to deer, in the UV spectrum, why it’s important is because if you take anything that reflects light, especially a blue light, that comes off of low light conditions, when the sun is dropping and the sun is rising, we have blue hues in the air. And so whenever we have camouflage that’s not treated properly, then the UV bounces off of the camouflage and gives off a UV glow. So with a product like mine, like X-Out Odor, we have it in a spray form or we have it in a detergent form, it’s combined with scent control, we’re able to coat the fibers of camouflage to prevent that glow.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that modern camouflage, it is designed so that it’s very visually appealing to the human eye but it’s not to the wild game eye. And so when it looks good to us, it looks completely different to wild game. So when it comes to actually whitetail deer, those UV fibers that they use to build these pretty camouflage, they glow to deer. And so with a product like mine, X-Out Odor, when you wash it or spray it, it actually coats the fibers of the camouflage, and so that will prevent any UV glow coming out. So a deer won’t pick you off from a faraway distance. Deer vision study http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/abs/10.1139/Z08-050#.W0kEa7gnaM_

So if we’re able to use scent control and some UV control, then it’s an extra tool in a hunter’s box that they can use to get closer to deer

Pure One OutdoorsSo it’s super important when it comes to bow hunters, because as you know, with bow hunting, every single foot counts. So if we’re able to use scent control and some UV control, then it’s an extra tool in a hunter’s box that they can use to get closer to deer. And so if we can decrease the odor and decrease the UV, then that gives hunters more opportunities to hunt deer. So I have hunters call me and tell me all the time that they’re seeing more deer or having more deer on them now than they did before, and they believe that it’s due to using UV and scent control combined. So we’re hearing it from the hunters that are actually in the field.

It’s not just, “Hey, here’s an idea. It’s actually being put in use.” And it’s a proven fact that there’s been studies done at University of Georgia that prove that the deer see UV. And so if we can control that, then that’s gonna give hunters a lot more opportunities at bigger deer that maybe in the past would saw them from a faraway distance and just skirted around them. Where now, if we’re gonna control that scent and control that UV, then we’re gonna be able to get those bigger deer, those more mature deer, closer and get a lot more opportunity to hunt them, especially with a bow.

Let’s take this back, and one thing that Shawn and I have recently done, is completing the QDMA Deer One Stewardship. And in that, they had How Deer See. That was one of the courses we took at Clemson University. https://www.qdma.com/hunters-guide-deer-vision/


It’s available to anybody. You can take. It costed 250 bucks, I think, but it’ll let you know all that you think you know about deer you don’t. I gotta laugh.

Oh, yeah. Tell you what, that was a great course. And there’s a lot of things that I thought I knew about deer, and those guys schooled me. And it was pretty awesome. And so, yeah, [to Clemson, and that was a great course, really was. Recommended.

And you’ll become a better deer hunter.

And in saying that, you know, I guess credibility-wise, you know, both Shawn and I were investing in the industry that we live in and that we love. And I recommend every single listener to do the same thing, invest in it, become a student of it. And you know, watching videos is great and everything, but open books, crack the books, and learn. And you’ll become a better deer hunter. Enough said on that. And let’s go back to the UV. So dawn, dusk, in the air, just because in the way all the lights work and the sun’s coming up or going down, this spectrum of blue light that’s in the woods. I mean, it’s just there.

And so because you have these brighteners in your clothes, you’re glowing to the deer. And I personally had witnessed that, because I bleach my jeans, my blue jeans, and they were blue, and they actually glowed. When I looked down and I go, “Oh, I’m glowing.” That was a long time ago. And I don’t know if you could do that now, but a long time ago, I did. So how far away can the deer see you glowing?

I don’t know the actual answer to how far, but I can tell you, though, is that before I started using this product, I saw less deer than I see today. And I could tell you for a fact that they can pick you off from a distance. I don’t know the exact distance, but I know they can definitely see something glowing in a bush, in a tree that they know is not normal. They can’t always pick out the human form itself. They don’t have the greatest detail with their eyes. But they can pick up something that’s not normal.

And if something is glowing in a blue hue, then they can definitely tell from a distance that that’s not normal. And the smart deer, the big bucks, the mature deer, they’re gonna see that and they’re gonna skirt around that hunter. They’ll, like, come up the back side with that wind and try to figure out what that is. So there’s a lot of times when deer can see a person, and the hunter never knew that they were there, because they saw from a distance, and they skirted them, and they picked up the scent when they got downwind of them.

And so, you know, I don’t know how the camouflage companies make their product. I don’t know how they could prove or disprove that their products do not emit, you know, you’re not gonna glow if you use them. I do know brighteners aren’t good for your clothes. So you know, so you use a non-scented, non-brightener type of detergent. You know, I know that.

All modern camouflage has these fibers.

Well, you know, that’s what you would think, Bruce. But even when you use a detergent that has no brighteners in it, that’s also not gonna help your camouflage if they have the… All modern camouflage has these fibers. And the way to test it is to take a black light, and you can actually shine it on your camouflage, and you can see if it’s gonna put off any blue hue to it. And you’ll know right then if it’s gonna put off any UV glow. Only detergents that actually use UV inhibitors, like my product X-Out Odor, if you’re not using an inhibitor, then it’s not gonna block it. If you use a regular detergent, it’s not gonna block a UV. It won’t make it worse, but it’s not gonna make it any better. So that’s why it’s super important to use a product like mine that is gonna control the odor, but it’s also gonna block that UV. It’s gonna coat the fiber of your camouflage, and it’s gonna decrease that UV glow. That’s why it’s super important to use that.

So just take out whatever brand you’re using, right now, it’s almost Fourth of July, you should be checking your gear anyway and take it out. And then get in a dark room, get a black right. They’re easy to get. And see what happens.


And wash them in your normal wash, however you’ve been washing ’em, take ’em out, see what happens. And then if you see the glow, like you’re talking about, the deer see that, period.


This isn’t…we’re not talking about smoking barriers. We’re not selling product. The deer see that, and that was brought home, QDMA Deer Steward 1. I mean, it was just, like, “Oh, my goodness.” And you know, sometimes you get bested, and you’re sitting in your stand dawn and dusk anyway, and that’s when it’s most prevalent. What happens during the middle of day when the sun’s up?

When the sun’s up, it’s not gonna be a factor

When the sun’s up, it’s not gonna be a factor. When the rays are coming in, it’s not gonna be an issue, because the sun’s gonna be high. It’s not gonna be putting off any blue rays to actually bounce off of the camouflage to put off that UV glow. There are a few companies out there right now that are actually trying to go no UV. I know of one, FirstLight, they are doing some work trying to use no UV fibers in their clothing. I don’t know of any other right now, but there are some companies that are beginning to pick up on it and are beginning to produce camouflage that actually don’t put off a UV glow. And so that’s when I know that we’re on the right track, that we’re, not only are we beginning to put out great products to help people do this, but other companies are beginning to change their camouflage to help hunters as well. But that costs money. So if you were to have a bunch of camouflage, and you don’t wanna buy some new camouflage, then you can use our products to treat your current camouflage and save some money that way also.

So dawn and dusk, most critical times. What about overcasts? What about, you know, stormy weather, snowstorms, rainstorms, or just flat out overcast day?

Anytime you’re gonna have overcast day, then you’re gonna have increased opportunity to see UV. When it’s gonna get darker, that’s when you’re gonna be able to see it. If it’s super bright outside, it’s not gonna be a factor. So if it’s an overcast day, snowing, raining, then yeah, you’re gonna have a better opportunity for deer to see you if you’re not using something to control that UV aspect.

So folks, for what it’s worth, you know, this is information that you need to know. Specific times of the day, specific weather conditions, you’re glowing. Prove to yourself with your black light and then do something about it. Because if you’re glowing, then the deer knows you’re there. I’ve had deer look right up at me and, you know, I’m thinking I’m invisible where I’m not. And it’s probably because of the low light conditions and I was glowing like a nuclear chipmunk or something. I don’t know.

that’s the thing is that hunters, they realize that deer are gonna be moving the most at low light conditions,

That’s the thing is that hunters, they realize that deer are gonna be moving the most at low light conditions, right? I mean, you’re gonna be in your stand, first in the morning or in the evening when deer are moving. So it’s gonna be super important to use this type of product, to add, let’s say add a tool to your toolbox, to help you get closer to deer. And if it’s adding scent control with UV, then now you’re covering two factors that deer use to survive. Deer use their eyes and they use their nose to survive. If we are able to decrease those factors, then that hunter is gonna have a better opportunity to harvest that deer. If you’re gonna use those, then they’re gonna pick you off, either by their vision or by their scent. So why not use a product that’s gonna help you? And that’s our biggest thing is it’s gonna cost you $10 to get a product that’s gonna last you half a season, that’s gonna give you a better opportunity to shoot more deer. It’s pretty something.

Yeah, I’m gonna try to bring up the spectrum, hold on.

If you go to my xouthunt.com, I’ve got a spectrum on there as well.

Okay. Xout…

Xouthunt.com. https://xouthunt.com/p/animal-uv-vision

Yeah, I want you folks to realize the reality. Where is it now? UV Vision?

If you go under UV Vision, you got it. There’s a picture there. You could see how it’s treated and non-treated. If you scroll down there, you’ll see the deer eye. There you go.

See, this is the wavelength and everything. It’s just amazing. But here’s…

Yep, so you can see in there.

Okay, this, where the cursor is, so that’s covered and so it’s not glowing, non-treated.

You got it.

This is glowing.

You got it. You got it. So the left is treated and the right is non-treated.

So you know, saying that, folks, just do your own Google search. I mean, that took us two seconds, you know, to do that, five seconds. But go and do a deep dive and go, “Hmm.” We’re spending, you know, we got our Ford 150s or Chevy, you know, whatever, or GMC trucks and Dodge, and all those wonderful trucks we drive back and forth. We got our blinds, we got our bows. We got thousands, thousands of dollars, and it all comes down to this little thing. And that’s one thing I’ve learned about the show is because it’s all the little things. Everybody knows the big things, but you break it down, the good hunters, they’ve got down to the minutia and they understand, you know. I know one guy, he hunts three days a year, that’s it.


 And he’s very successful on 40 acres. He hunts three days a year, the rest of the time, he doesn’t go in there.

Sure. And that’s the big thing is pressure. So you know, I think a lot of hunters, they worry about some things that don’t always matter. Like they’ve gotta have the newest bow. They’ve gotta have the newest this and the newest that. And that’s actually not gonna always help you harvest the deer. It’s the little things. It’s using the wind. It’s scent control. It’s UV control. It’s not putting pressure into the woods. It’s not educating deer before the season comes. And there are so many little things that add up to being a big thing when the season is there.

If you just worry about what type of camouflage you have and what bow you shoot, those things, at the end of the day, don’t matter. It’s the little things that will ruin a hunt before it even starts. And so that’s why X-Out Odor and other products that we use, those focus on the little things so that we can have a better hunt. If we can control the little things, then at the end of the day, we can help a hunter harvest more deer. And that’s what we do here at Pure One Outdoors. We sweat the little stuff, because we wanna have hunters have more success in the field than they had before.

Now, do you have any stories from last year where a guy said, “Hey, I used X, Y, Z product from you, and I had a successful year?” We’ve got hundreds of stories like that. I mean, I get guys calling me all the time or emailing me, saying, you know, they set up wrong on the wind, and they used our products, and the deer still came in. And they had 10-yard shots. You know, we’ve got guys that had said, “Hey, I forgot my stand one day and I sat on the ground by a tree, and I had deer walk up on me.” I mean we’ve got tons of stories, where guys are putting our products in use.

You know, it’s all those little things that, if they do what we asked, then they’re gonna have much more success.

And they’re seeing the success with it because, I guess, it’s the small things that we ask them to do, which is that UV control, that scent control. And if they followed the things that we asked them to do, how to apply it, how to apply the UV. And you apply the UV spray the night before your hunt so that the spray can bind to the camouflage fibers. If you do that, then that’s gonna control your UV glow that next day. You know, it’s all those little things that, if they do what we asked, then they’re gonna have much more success. So yeah, we’ve had a lot of hunters come by and see us at the shows and say, “Hey, thank you so much for making a great product.” They didn’t really believe in scent control, or they didn’t really believe in UV control, but when they bought it, they had success, and it changed their idea on how they thought about those.

So yeah, it’s been a fun couple years as we had grown to have those guys contact us and tell us their stories. And we get the pictures. And the pictures tell us a story that these guys are saying, “Hey, we’re killing bigger deer than we ever had before, and we’ve only been using your products.” And that starts from our mineral products, from January, all the way through our scent and UV control products in December. So we’ve got products that are helping hunters every single day of the year. They can find a product that we carry, that’s helping them be quite success in the field.

So let’s just do that. Let’s take a walk through the year-back quarters, January, and then April, and then August, October. So you know, let’s talk about the products you have to help me, a deer hunter, through each one of those quarters.

deer beginning to look for nutrients to begin to grow.

Sure. With the first quarter, as we all know, that’s the time to get, you know, deer beginning to look for nutrients to begin to grow. So this year, we’ve got our Buck Yeah product. Our Buck Yeah is a great deer mineral. We also have a great attractant into it. So guys are putting it in front of their game cameras in the beginning to get an inventory of what they have on their property. And that’s one of the biggest things that we need to know as well, is what deer do you have in your property, or what deer survived. So as we get into July, we begin to see, you know, growth of horns or antlers, sorry, antlers on the deer. And so that way, they can begin an idea, a game plan of what deer they wanna hunt or target that year. Then we roll into the early season for bow season. We’ve got our X-Out Odor products. We’ve got our X-Out UV products. So they can control the odor and the UV, super important for bow season.

Also, on the Buck Yeah side, we’ve got some great attractants with that as well. Some pretty cool that we did and designed is that, with our Buck Yeah minerals, we have a certain type of attractant into the mineral that’s got a very flavorful smell to it. And in a lot of states where you can’t use deer mineral or feed after a certain time of year, we also have that same scent in a bottle, so that hunters can spray around their tree in those same areas that they’ve used mineral before.

So it kinda gives that deer in that area an idea that, “Hey, maybe there’s something back out there again,” food-wise, that they’ve smelt in the season that they’ve already eaten. So it kinda helps the hunters maybe kind of attract more deer that way and keep it legal. And so we have that combination of our deer attractant with our deer feed. And so that way, we kind of trick them a little bit. You kinda give ’em an idea to kinda get ’em to come in for bow season. And then as we get later into the season, we also have our new Buxation, which is gonna be our deer bedding scent. And we have a synthetic and a non-synthetic version, depending on what state these hunters live in, and that also helps as a cover scent, or it can be used as an attractant scent, which has some esters into it to also attract bucks.

So like I said, we’ve got products that range…and there’s a couple that I didn’t put in there, but we’ve got, you know, detergents. We’ve got carbon stuff to add carbon to hunters’ older carbon suits. We’ve got carbons for that. So we’ve got a wide range of products for hunters that, depending on what they are looking for in the season, we’ve got something for ’em.

You know, you’d say all that, and we’ll take a little break here. And I’ll ask a question that I ask everybody, is that you’ve been hunting a few years, what do you wish you knew 10 years ago that now you know? So it’s kinda like, you know, this is my one big thing that, “Man, I wish I knew this 10 years ago, 15 years ago.”

 I think my biggest thing would be deer pressure.

I think my biggest thing would be deer pressure. When I was younger, hunting deer, I was in the woods all the time. And I was putting down human scent on everything. And looking back now is I realize that the less that you’re in the woods, well, the areas that you wanna hunt, the better off you’re gonna be early season. And that’s what is super important for bow season is not educating deer before the season even starts. And so that’s one of the biggest things that I’ve taken away from, is less deer pressure. I barely ever go into…only time that I’d go into my woods of our proving grounds, as we call it, is to check a camera every few months or to put down a new mineral lick. We keep as much pressure away from our woods as we can. Because when it comes to bow season, I don’t want the deer to have any education level that we’re gonna be there. And that’s my biggest thing.

Well, I hope you, you know, take some notes and be thinking about that to yourself, because in the future I’m gonna run some contest, “Whitetail Rendezvous.” And you know, we’re gonna have the one big thing contest per month, and we’ll have some Buck Wild Coffee as a prize. So if you’re a coffee drinker, you might wanna look up on Facebook or Instagram when we start announcing that later this summer. So having said that, you like to hunt deer with…we talked product and we talked about Pure One Outdoors, but let’s talk about deer hunting and let’s talk about last year’s season, and what went right, what went wrong.

You know, I had one of the most interesting seasons I’ve had in a long time. On my own private property, you know, I just didn’t have a lot of mature deer that I wanted to shoot, you know. I do follow the QDMA guidelines. And so I try to keep my deer right around four and a half to five that I shoot. And so on some aspects, that really limits, you know, what bucks I have a chance to shoot. Especially here on the East Coast, we don’t get a lot of big Booners that a lot of guys get, you know, in the Midwest. So we really have to kinda be picky.

I shot a couple does early season to put some meat in the freezer, a little doe therapy. But I passed on a lot of bucks, some that, in the past, when I wasn’t doing some QDMA stuff, I probably would have shot and then I would have complained that I haven’t seen any big deer. Well, as the story goes, you can’t have big deer if you shoot every small deer. And so that’s really something that I really practice, I practice a lot to have control, not to shoot these young deer. And so I hope this year, some of the deer that I passed on, they’ll be big enough this year to be harvested. I went to Tennessee and I hunted at a good friend of mine, Brandon Dowdy. You’ve talked with him in the past, with Southern Waters. I hunted his farm and, once again, had a beautiful deer, three years old. But once again, you know, he follows QDMA the same way and I passed on him. So there’s a lot of deer that I passed on last year. And I’m happy about that, because I wanna see big deer when I’m in the field. And the only way to see big deer when you’re in the field is to pass on the small ones. And so I feel like this is gonna be a good year for me. Hoping that, you know, a little positive, you know, vibes coming from last season, they roll into this season, and I have a great season. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Now, have you started seeing some of those past deer up on your trail camps?

I have. I have. That’s why I’m feeling the positive vibes.

You’re smiling. You’re smiling.

 Yeah. I’m feeling the positive vibes. I have seen them on my cameras.

Yeah. I’m feeling the positive vibes. I have seen them on my cameras. So I’m following that QDMA, you know, “Hey, I believe in it. I follow those guys and I’m seeing it come true.” And so, you know, I’m hoping those guys, you know, those bucks stick around come this season. So I’m providing with plenty of food, I’m giving them water, I’m giving ’em coverage. I’m giving ’em all the things that they need to stick around, and that’s a lot of things that hunters don’t realize, is that you have to give these bucks those things to keep them around. If not, then they’re gonna go searching for those things. So if we can keep the food, water, and you know, safety coverage, then they’ll stick around. And so that’s what we’re hoping for this year.

Yeah, it’s gonna be exciting all of a sudden to see, “Hey, wait a minute. He looks like he’s got the same frame as the deer last year,” or just the size configuration or body configuration, you go, “Hmm, I’ve seen that deer before.” You know, that’s a cool thing.

Yeah. I think that’s awesome. It is a cool thing, because like I said, in the past, when I was a younger man, it didn’t really matter what size they were, you know. But now, you know, I wanna shoot bigger deer. And so, you know, we’re gonna control our doe population to help with that as well, but at the same time, you know, we’re looking to shoot bigger deer. And that’s…we’re gonna follow it until it rides out. So we’re gonna see what happens.

Now, do you use hang-ons, ladder stands, or box stands?

I’ve got a combination. I do a lot of climber. I’ve got a couple hang-ons. I hunted my first bucks with Brandon Dowdy last year, and it was the weirdest feeling hunting from a box. It just didn’t feel right. But usually, I hunt from a climber. I like to be able to be mobile, depending on where the deer are, I can be able to move around, not educating them, you know, find where the signs are and hunt that area. But I’ve got a few hang-ons in some fields that I know in the evenings the deer come in. So it all depends on where I’m at.

You know, and I love putting hunt plans together, and you know, this is the time. If you’re not starting to do that, you know, your crop should be…your food plot should be going in unless you’re gonna plant some brassicas for the winter, you know, coming in August, early September, and that’s getting close. But let’s say August, you’re gonna plant some more crops that come up after season, you know, because as we all know, the crops come up, you know, when you plant them and they got germination and then the deer hit ’em. All of a sudden, they’re gone. So you really have to plan, you know, to keep your crops in front of ’em. Just about all year round now, if you’re really working the plan, you wanna keep something to eat on your land just as Dr. Tyson said, food, water, and coverage. If you can do that and minimize the pressure, you’re gonna have deer, just about every state in the eastern part, west, east, other than Mississippi. If you do that, you will have some sort of deer activity on your backyard in Connecticut, I mean.

Yeah, I mean, that’s a fact. It’s a proven fact that. We went that course and we took two QDMA. They show the actual pressure to where, if land is pressured so much, they actually tag those deer with those GPS colors. And they show properties to where there’s a lot of pressure, and they show the number of deer hits. And then they show the properties that weren’t pressured, and they had a lot more deer in those areas. So I mean, the pressure thing is proven. And so what I talked about before is that’s when the biggest things that I try to do is not get into my areas before I need to be. I save ’em as long as I can and I keep the pressure down. And I keep the food and everything they need there so that, when I do come, I’m coming with authority.

I like that, coming with authority. That’s great. So for the last couple minutes here, let’s just recap who you are, what you’re doing, how people get a hold of you, and then we’ll wrap the show.

WR 264 | Pure One Outdoors
Pure One Outdoors: When we’re out there and we shot these animals, God gave us those not just to go out and kill these things but to bring them home and provide for your family.

Thank you very much. It’s Dr. Shawn Tyson with Pure One Outdoors. We can be reached on Facebook at Pure One Outdoors. Instagram, the same way. You can find our products through cabelas.com. You can them at independent stores throughout the U.S.

we started three years ago with a dream, and I’ve taken the dream, and we’re growing it every single year to this, being our third serious year of being in business.

Like I said, we started three years ago with a dream, and I’ve taken the dream, and we’re growing it every single year to this, being our third serious year of being in business. And it wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for the hunters that we have helped, that have continued to push us and support us. They give us great feedback. And there are some products that we have changed. So we continue to grow with hunters, and we continue to grow and take the feedback. And we’re just proud to be able to help guys. We’re a blue-collar company, and we’re gonna stay that way. And we’re gonna continue to help blue-collar hunters have more success in the fields. So reach out to me at Pure One Outdoors, at Pure One products Gmail. I’ll answer any questions that you have about the products, about hunting, anything that I can help the hunter with, please contact me.

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Yes, sir. Thank you very much. And success this year to you, buddy.

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