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La Crosse, Wi


Rosendale, WI

My name is Zach Haas, I grew up in and around Wisconsin my whole life. I currently live in Rosendale, WI with my beautiful wife Hailey Haas and my two amazing children, Wyatt and Summer. I grew up on a small horse farm in the country with my parents on the outskirts of Eden, Wisconsin. I graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 2011 where I obtained a bachelor degree in biology and water resources. I used my degree to become the Senior Aquatic Biologist at Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource LLC, which is a private pond and lake consulting firm based in Eldorado, Wisconsin. I continued to grow my passions when I found a niche and was able to take a wide range of wildlife biology, aquatic biology, and land management into the planning of client's property through my business CreekBottom Land Management. Based off research, experience, and teachings I continue to improve client's land to the quality that they always dreamed of having.

Growing up I always was a country boy and outdoorsman at heart. My father, Dan Haas, got me into hunting at a very early age. At thirteen years of age I followed my fathers footsteps by starting to  teach Hunter Safety classes, which I continue to do so to this day as a lead instructor. To further pursue my hunting passion I started to produce my own television show, Haastyle Hunting TV, in 2007. Through our show I have developed many longstanding relationships in the hunting industry with vendors, T.V. personalities, and fellow hunters. My passion of hunting as also put me down the path of competition in both archery and firearm events. I have acquired over 30 awards for outdoor 3D archery events as well as in singles and team trap shooting. I continue to work closely with my industry professionals, and help to spread the passion of hunting onto our next generation.


Albion, MI

Joseph is an entrepreneur with a passion for coaching individuals, couples, and business owners. When Joseph is not pursuing his business goals, he enjoys reading personal development books and spending time outdoors with his family. Joseph is a hardworking individual with an optimistic attitude. He is a visionary with an entrepreneurial mindset. Joseph very much enjoys encouraging people to realize their potential and helping them to achieve their goals. Joseph is a Master Carpenter, Fitness Professional, and Financial Coach.

I have been an archer since I was a young, thanks to the love of hunting my dad instilled in me while growing up. We have an Amish background, and the majority of my family still remains Amish today. I have always enjoyed every part of being an outdoorsman. I have been blessed to be able to hunt with my bow since the age of 10. I enjoy all aspects of hunting, whether it’s with a bow or a firearm.


I’m 22 years old, married to my beautiful wife who also bow hunts with me. Family man,  Christ follower and love everything outdoors.

I’ve been bowhunting Whitetail’s since I was 10 years old. I’ve grown to love every single minute of it. I’m constantly figuring out what I can do next to get on mature deer and be successful. I’m a bowhunter only and I hunt public land almost exclusively. But I still have some private land I hunt have so much fun!

Find me on Instagram: @the__bearded__nomad