WTR 574 | Women Hunters
  What a time to be a woman in the outdoors right now! It’s a norm in society that women are viewed as less powerful in some areas, most especially in hunting. However, the tables have turned because women have proven their prowess in hunting. Heather Shaw, the Regional Biologist for the Ruffed Grouse Society, and her best friend and co-host, Meadow Kouffeld, are models of tough women outdoors. The ladies go from one story
  Kip Adams, QDMA’s Director of Conservation and a certified wildlife biologist talks about the facts and fallacies surrounding CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease). It is a 100% fatal disease found in most deer species, including elk, moose, mule and white-tailed deer. As of today, the disease has no vaccine or cure making it an alarming national issue. Kip discusses further about the details related to CWD including its differences to EHD as well as the
WTR 573 | 215-Inch Buck
  It was a life-changing workplace accident back in 2014 that Ethan Featheroff, the founder of FeatherNett Outdoors, would say was his humble beginning. He almost lost his life that day and had to deal with a lot of surgeries ever since, but it led to him having the opportunity to take a 215-inch buck. Grabbing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that may never come again, Ethan shares how he had to postpone surgery for hunting, going
WTR 572 | Survival
  Disaster can happen anytime, either natural or man-made. If you happen to be trapped in this kind of situation, what will you do to survive? Christopher James of Be A Lion Outdoors is a writer, blogger, survivalist, and all-around avid outdoorsman. He shares his knowledge about the four cores of survival and the rules of three. Christopher has been in the wilderness of North America and made sure no matter what happened he would
WTR 571 | Wildlife Women
  There’s a stigma that women are supposed to stay home barefoot and pregnant. On the contrary, women are the fastest growing segment in the outdoor industry right now. Melissa Blair, Vice President of Wildlife Women, shares how they started from a Facebook post from their president, Bridgette Holbrook, where people got connected and engaged. Wildlife Women is an outdoor group created to educate, encourage, and inspire women in various aspects of the outdoors regardless of
WTR Mandy | The Great Outdoors
  The great outdoors is not exclusively a man’s world. Mandy Uhrich is living proof that women can also shine and take an important role in hunting. As a biologist, tournament angler, TV and radio personality, seminar speaker, and outdoor educator, Mandy has been paying her knowledge and experience forward by empowering women and children in this male-dominated field. She shares where she is coming from through her outdoors background as well as the many
WTR Josh | CWD
  Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a prion disease that has been affecting wildlife species, particularly the deer family. As this disease continues to spread, it should undoubtedly be a cause of concern for all stakeholders and hunters alike. Josh Honeycutt, Associate Editor and Deer Hunting Editor for Realtree.com, sheds light into this issue as he shares his knowledge about the disease. A writer himself who has written a great deal on this topic, Josh
WTR Zombie | Brow Tine Buck
  A true story of a whitetail buck I hunted for many years with an amazing story to tell. My name is Joseph Byler. I have been an archer since I was young, thanks to the love of hunting my dad instilled in me while growing up. We have an Amish background, and the majority of my family still remains Amish today. As you might imagine, our love of the outdoors is in our blood
WTR 562 | Deer Hunting
  The great outdoors has been a place for incredible hunting adventures. Passionate Idaho whitetail archery hunter Todd Gneiting shares his hunting experiences along the Snake River drainage. He recalls stories of hunting as a kid with his brothers, and shares stories about his first shot and all hunting escapades. — Listen to the podcast here:   Deer Hunting the Idaho Hub – Todd Gneiting This is a special episode with Todd Gneiting from Idaho.