WR Long | Long Range Shooter
  Mark D’Ambrosio, long-range shooting instructor at Branded Rock Canyon and former sniper in the Marine corps, provides his extensive LRS resume to help us understand what it really means when it comes to hunting. Mark shares his own journey and experiences coming into the hunting world, imparting lessons and advice that can make your next hunting successful. In particular, he speaks about the various requirements to be an effective LRS – from your gun
WR 566 | Deer Hunting
  The Hunting Beast is made up of quite possibly the most hardcore deer hunters across the country. Most people that are a part of the forum have a common goal, and that is to harvest mature bucks. There are all different types of threads ranging from debating theories on the moon to just talking about what kind of deer makes a person happy and it even includes big buck contests every year which can
WR | Broadheads
  One of the aims of a broadhead is to kill as quickly as possible. A big time, hardcore hunt calls for a high-quality broadhead, and Iron Will Outfitters knows exactly what you need. They are known for making high-quality broadheads for bow hunters who love the chase. Their passion for becoming better hunters drove them to engineer the ideal broadhead – a premium broadhead as reliable as science allows. Bill Vanderheyden, Co-Founder and Lean
Listen to the podcast here: Sam Shaffer welcome to another episode of Whitetail Rendezvous. I’m with Sam Shaffer. Now Sam is the CEO of Titanium Archery Products https://titaniumarcheryproducts.com/and he hails from Pennsylvania. Sam Shaffer, the founder and owner of Titanium Archery Products will discuss advancements in Bowhunting, Archery Accessories, Outdoor Adventures and the occasional off-road journey into random subject matter. With Sam’s creative mind always churning out innovative ideas and opinions on topics ranging from
WR | Deer Hunting Institute
It’s inevitable to lose one’s passion in time probably due to a sudden transition or loss of interest. However, you can always redeem your fervor and start all over again. For hunters who got diverted or lost their way, Deer Hunting Institute got you covered. We are aimed to recruit, retain, and reactivate hunters throughout the country offering courses for every single level of hunters – whether you’re a beginner, an adult-onset hunter, or simply