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Hardy FacePaint

Brian had always used facemasks, preferring the convenience of masks to the mess and trouble of paint. However, all of that changed the first time Brian went bowhunting in Kansas, the ultimate whitetail hunting state. As a big buck came into his line of sight, Brian drew back on his bow only to have his facemask catch on his release! There was nothing for him to do except draw down and watch as the buck of a lifetime walked away. Determined to never experience a facemask mishap like this again, Brian purchased every face paint product on the market. No matter what he tried, the paint ended up feeling greasy, messy, and itchy. Some of the products smelled like crayons, and as any good bowhunter will tell you, it is imperative to be scent free on the hunt.
Tag N' Brag

Tag N’ Brag started as a notebook of ideas created by David and Dean Giarrizzo while they were in college at Ohio State University. They wanted to create a place where all hunters and fishermen/women could connect, share experiences, and exploit themselves as outdoorsmen/women.
Mule Deer Foundation

The purpose of the Mule Deer Foundation is to ensure the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitat.
Convergent Hunting Solutions

Where Experience, Innovation and Passion Meet. Convergent Hunting Solutions is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced hunting products available.
FieldTorq Knives

Chris Stuckel, the inventor of the FieldTorq knife, saw a need for cleanly, easily, and safely field dressing big game animals and was tired of carrying multiple tools to achieve the task.  The final motivation was the tragic accident of a hunter who accidentally stabbed his femoral artery while field dressing his deer. He was using a traditional hunting knife with a pointed tip and exposed blade.
Killer Food Plots

Killer Food Plots was established based on the visions, dreams and passion of owner Nick Percy. Nick has been developing premier whitetail habitat for over 20 years. He was first introduced to hunting Whitetails in 1990 his passion for Whitetail’s and the love of the outdoors has been growing ever since. At Killer Food Plots we approach each new challenge with a genuine passion, love, respect and knowledge for Whitetail’s, their nutrition and creating premier habitat. We spend time educating ourselves about the best nutrition, habitat and current issues regarding whitetails. At Killer Food Plots we are passionate about creating excitement in today’s youth about the outdoors and hunting while giving kids a chance to get into a tree stand and teach them about habitat. Through many trials, victories, losses and hours of education we have gained the knowledge and experience to understand what works when enhancing habitat and planting Whitetail deer food plots and what does not. “You Reap What You Sow” are words to live by, shortcuts are not allowed. If you are ready to improve the overall quality of your land and the health of the wildlife on it, Killer Food Plots has the experience and knowledge to make your vision come to life! Centrally located in West Michigan we are the Midwest’s Premier Food Plot and Whitetail Deer Habitat Management Experts! Servicing the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

Ramcat is entirely different. All the proof is in the ferrule. We have a patented Concave Scoop tip on the front. We have our Cage Ripper broadhead. The beauty of this one is that the Concave Scoop in the front, which is our patented technology. What this allows you to do, whether you shoot with one blade, two blades, and three blades. It will always fly like your field tip, which is what you want. When you’re changing your setups and moving over three inches and up two inches, that throws your whole game off. You want to practice with what the scenario, same tips as you’re going to shoot with. When your field tips are matching your hunting arrows that is huge. From the Ramcat lineup, we have the original Hydroshock, which everybody knows and loves. It’s done great on all our testing.
Obsession Bows™

Obsession crashed the established bow industry party with designs by engineers obsessed with perfection for those who refuse to settle for yesterday’s technology. Hunters, competitors, and enthusiasts of every caliber have something to gain from an Obsession, from bragging rights in camp, a spot on the medal stand or winning the backyard bet.
Dead Down Wind®

Dead Down Wind, if you haven’t seen it, you’ll know it. The guy who was good at marketing, his name was Gary Reed back in the day. What he did a great job of is the packaging in my eyes. When you see orange in the frame, you usually can associate it with Dead Down Wind, a bottle on the shelf. You know it’s a complete system that you can trust. Hunters have been using it for years and there’s a reason why they’re using it. Dead Down Wind is a scientifically proven brand. It’s a complete system. We have three phases. Before every hunt, we’ve got the laundry, we’ve got the hygiene and we also have the field application. What a lot of people don’t realize is the system can be used year-round. It doesn’t matter if it’s for hunting. It can be used way outside the norm. I’ve worked with several groups when I was in the military and a couple of Special Force groups.
Trophy Taker

To trick it out, all you’re going to need is a bare bow starting fresh. You’re going to need to tie a D-loop. You’re going to have to get a peep sight. You’re going to have to work on getting a rest. The sister company of Obsession, which we also own is called Trophy Taker. It was acquired from Dan Evans a few years ago. It was a Montana-based company. A lot of people don’t realize is every product end under the Trophy Taker name is backed by a lifetime warranty. No matter what, you’ll only have to buy one accessory for your bow. From that lineup, we offer rests, stabilizers, and quivers. The only things we don’t offer under Arcus Hunting are a sight. That’s the only thing that we’re missing essentially. As far as a rest, we have a LockUp Trophy Taker Rest. This is how your arrows are flying. This is what’s putting it all together. This is what’s allowing you to paper tune your bow.

Tink’s, even though it’s a funny brand, at the same time it’s whitetail communication. In other words, communicating with whitetail, moose, bear, deer, all those animals communicate from the scent. Familiarity is a key. Natural or synthetic, natural urine is usually par for the course. If you have natural doe estrus, that’s familiar to a whitetail. Tink’s can be broken down by three different scents. You’ve got #1 Doe-P, you’ve got Tink’s #69 and then you’ve Trophy Buck. #1 Doe-P is a calming scent. This can be used year-round in any application. What this does, it creates a common scent unless you know that doe’s in the area. This makes whitetail feel a little more at home. They’re a little less alarmed when they’re walking through the woods. Usually, if they say to watch your stand. Use a boot pad or a drag rag or something of that nature, you’re acting like you’re a deer peeing through the woods on the way to your stand. It seems like an everyday thing for them.
Strike Force Energy

Strike Force Energy is an energy infused high powered liquid flavor pack additive. Each pack turns your ½ liter beverage into a full flavor high energy drink. We created Strike Force so you can have the freshest energy drink possible in any beverage anytime. Taste the Flavor of FreedomIt wasn’t so long ago that Sean Matson was a full-time Navy SEAL, who had 5 deployments under his belt, while continuing his service as a reservist. It’s the knowledge and skill he gained in the Navy that helped him transition to civilian life as an entrepreneur, while remaining attached to SEAL Team 18 as an LCDR SEAL reservist. It’s also the reason he specializes in producing Strike Force Energy, a healthier energy drink option formulated specifically for people deployed all over the world.

His passion for the outdoors led to a career as an outdoor writer, photographer and videographer. Josh has been a regular contributor to since 2012 and came on board as the associate editor and deer hunting editor in July of 2015. He writes the Brow Tines and Backstrap blog. His work has been published in nearly 50 publications and websites including: Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, North American Whitetail, Whitetail Journal, Game & Fish, Fur-Fish-Game, and more.
Hen Outdoors

Founded in 2015, Hen Outdoors is an online destination for women who enjoy hunting, fishing, bow fishing, archery, or anything outdoors. Our goal is to provide outdoors women with content specifically geared towards women. As well as provide outdoors women with a tight-knit, supportive, and inspiring community of 36k+ women who share their passion.
Xpedition Archery

XA was started in Yankton, SD 7 years ago. Mark Heck, President, acquired the company in June ’18 and moved the operation to Decorah, IA. XA are exclusively designed by Kevin Strother. XA builds purpose driven bows- New for 2019: Mako X, Mountaineer X, Xcursion 6 & 7 HD
Xpedition Archery

XA was started in Yankton, SD 7 years ago. Mark Heck, President, acquired the company in June ’18 and moved the operation to Decorah, IA. XA are exclusively designed by Kevin Strother. XA builds purpose driven bows- New for 2019: Mako X, Mountaineer X, Xcursion 6 & 7 HD
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