#386 Exclusive – How to shoot the Bull – Matt Grey


How to shoot the Bull – Matt Grey

Matt Grey
da Bull
Matt Grey
Full pack – Nothing better
  • shoot the Bull …Low and behold my first spot was right on the money. My partner Isaac and I headed in early on our first morning there and looked down into this area I thought would hold elk even though I’ve never been there before and we heard bugles. shoot the Bull
  • After a day of trying to make something happen in there we hiked out and planned to come back in with enough supplies to stay back in there a few days. When we got back in there the next evening right before dark, we could hear the bugles again. shoot the Bull
  • So many that we couldn’t sleep all night. Oh, and this area is in an OTC unit. We had bulls walking within 50 yards of our camp that night.
  • About 5 am we slipped out of the tents, got dressed quietly, and I started moving towards the closest bull bugling about 200 feet of the ridge from us. But as it got light I was pinned down but cows making their way to bed with him and I couldn’t move closer. shoot the Bull

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