Gear Wednesday: Introducing Gumleaf USA – Handmade Tall Rubber Boots with Jack Butler

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade Boots

Rubber boots are ideal for hunters because it showcases many perks. Jack Butler, the owner of Gumleaf USA, exclusively imports and distributes European-made Gumleaf boots into the US and Canada. He began importing Gumleaf about four years ago and has been letting the brand grow organically. Gumleaf USA focused first on the upland hunting market where they’ve become a well-respected and recognized brand. This year, Jack is kicking off to introduce it to whitetail deer hunters. Find out what makes Gumleaf boots different from other brands when it comes to comfort, durability, and quality. As he reveals the secret about their scent-free tall rubber boots, catch his most recommended boots for hunters and why it is the number one selling boots right now. On top of that, check out the different styles that they offer and how you can purchase them.

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Gear Wednesday: Introducing Gumleaf USA – Handmade Tall Rubber Boots with Jack Butler

We are with Mr. Jack Butler, Owner of Gumleaf USA. Gumleaf USA is the sole importer of the Gumleaf brands made in Great Britain. Jack, welcome to the show.

It’s nice to meet you. I first got introduced online when I had decided to begin putting our toe into the waters of the whitetail deer market and was looking for a podcast that would be appropriate for reaching out to that segment of the market. Up to this point, we’ve been primarily focusing our marketing efforts strictly on the upland hunting market for the last several years and letting the brand grow organically. At this point now, we’ve got a very well-respected and recognized brand here in the Gumleaf USA boots in that upland market. We’re looking to begin introducing the boots to the whitetail deer hunting market. Yours was one of a couple of podcasts that I chose to selectively enter this marketplace.

When Jack and I get together, I did get a pair of Gumleaf boots. This is called the Royal Zip and Jack’s going to be talking more specifically about it. I didn’t turkey hunt, so I haven’t been in the field with these yet, but I have walked around my house, around the block and have worn them. I love the Vibram sole, especially out West where I will use these in the mountains when I’m going to go scouting. I’m starting to out scout soon. I’m going to be wearing these in the mountains and then I will be heading out to the farm. I will be wearing them there to do the trail camera thing and habitat improvement. I do have a pair and Jack is going to talk more about it. What makes Gumleaf boots different than anything else in the market? There is competition out there.

There’s a lot of competition out there these days for rubber boots in the US. Fortunately for us, most of that competition comes from across the Pacific. Our boots are handmade. Our factory is located in Europe. That’s the real advantage we have because a lot of the boots coming across the Pacific these days use a relatively low natural rubber content whereas ours are a high rubber content. Many of the other brands coming in from across the Pacific they mix in plastic and synthetic materials. That evidence is itself. Wherever you have flex points in boots like this, either across the top of the boots or across the bottom of the Vibram sole there, because of the plastic or synthetic materials they mix in, you can get cracking very quickly.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsI get calls frequently from both hunters and farmers and people who wear boots for hours and hours each day. It’s not unusual for farmers that tell me that they have to replace their boots every three to six months because of cracking. The high natural rubber content of Gumleaf USA boots helps provide durability. The first pair that Gumleaf sent me over here over several years ago, I’m still wearing. While the boots are more expensive because they’re handmade, if you take a look at our list price for a pair of our Royal Zip and divide that out over five years, I would have effectively been paying less than $70 a year for boots that are continuing to go strong, are still 100% waterproof and most importantly are incredibly comfortable.

That’s what the Gumleaf brand was designed for. It’s what a Gumleaf in the UK calls all-day comfort. Meaning you can wear these boots for ten to fifteen hours a day and your feet still feel comfortable. The key benefit we feel we’re bringing into the whitetail deer market is the high quality because they are handmade in Europe using a high rubber content, which gives them durability. The boots will last years. The hardest thing to get across in marketing terms is the comfort level. As soon as somebody puts a pair of our boots on and takes two steps, you see their eyes light up and it’s like, “Where have these boots been?” They’re almost like wearing your favorite pair of sneakers. They are incredibly comfortable. I’ve got guys in the upland market. I have one guy down in North Carolina who’s a guide all across the United States. He put on 650 miles walking in his Gumleaf boots and they were three years old. What we’re bringing to market is the comfort, the durability and the quality of the handmade European boots.

One thing I know from the rubber boots that I’ve been wearing since I started deer hunting is the comfort and the ability to not sweat or not freeze in the boots. How does Gumleaf address those topics?

Everybody differs in terms of their sensitivity and how their feet react. These are 100% waterproof boots, but Gumleaf looked at a number of different linings for the boots. The linings that are most commonly used in the boots that we’re importing here in the US is neoprene. That’s partially because the neoprene does an excellent job of wicking moisture away. Even if your feet sweat inside the boots, some people’s feet sweat more than others but with the neoprene, it’s very easy to quickly wick away the moisture as opposed to straight rubber boots. Some boots are leather lined and they take a long time to dry out. Most of our boots are neoprene-lined, but we do have a couple of models that are fabric-lined. All of our boots have neoprene across the bottom of the insole. That’s for comfort and durability.

Could you show us the neoprene lining with one of the pair of boots you got?

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsThis is the Royal Zip. Each pair comes across the Pacific with an airbag to protect its shape and everything, and each pair is wrapped up. It’s hard to see probably in terms of the depth there, but I can tell you that the upper part of the boots uses four millimeters of neoprene. Across the bottom of the insole, across the bottom of the boots, there are five millimeters of neoprene. The way the boots are constructed at our factory in Europe is that we start with essentially making a neoprene sock around your foot. We build the rubber boots around that neoprene sock. The neoprene we’re using in the boots is very similar to the depth or the thickness of neoprene that you would find, for example, in a wet suit or something. That provides great warmth during the cold weather which is when we recommend using or purchasing the neoprene-lined boots. We have another boot that looks virtually no different in terms of the lining. We have another boot that’s just the fabric lining. We recommend those for people who are hunting in cool to warmer temperatures. Particularly in the South here, the fabric-lined boots seemed to be popular.

If somebody says, “I want to find out more about these boots,” how does somebody go about doing that?

While we do have some dealers around the country, the vast majority of our customers come from and purchase their boots directly online at our website, which is If they go to, that will bring them to the European site, which doesn’t ship here to the United States because of shipping costs, duty and a variety of other logistical issues. is the way that most people buy their boots directly online. If they have questions, they can always give us a call directly on our toll-free number, which is (844) GUM-LEAF, that’s (844) 486-5323.

If you order off the website, use the promo code WR2019 and you will get free shipping from Jack to any place in the United States. How about if they order up to Alaska? That would be a little bit different.

We’ve ship boots up to Alaska and we had not done anything. Normally, we’ll charge a flat rate of $20 per pair for shipping anywhere in the United States. In Canada, we normally charge $40 plus the buyer has responsibility for any duty for boots shipped into Canada. For anybody up in Alaska, we don’t differentiate Alaska from the lower 48.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsLet’s talk about the different styles that you offer.

One way to begin that discussion is to say that because of the high natural rubber content of our boots, their design is functional. It’s not fashion. You won’t find Gumleaf boots in polka dots and plaids and things like that. They come in a couple of different shades of green, which are going to be a primary interest to most of your whitetail deer hunters. The number one selling boots for us here in the United States is that pair of Royal Zip. The Royal Zip is a tall rubber boot. Depending upon size, most of them are about sixteen inches. They’re Wellington-style boots as the Brits call them. They’re designed to be just below the knee.

I highly recommend that anybody interested in a pair, go to the sizing chart that’s on our web page under customer service. On there, we give you not only the boots height but also very importantly the circumference around the calf. The only reason we ever see returns from people is that they get the boots and their calves are too big to fit comfortably into the boots. We have a solution for that but on that sizing chart, it will get them both conversion from European sizing to the US sizing for either men or women. It will also give them boots height as well as calf circumference.

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Our number one selling boots though is the Royal Zip. There are a couple of things I would point out about it. They only come in this olive-green color and we utilize a YKK zipper. It’s a heavy-duty nylon zipper. YKK is the number one zipper manufacturer in the world. It’s a heavy-duty nylon zipper. On my five-year-old pair of Royal Zip, the zipper still sounds like it does on this brand-new pair that I pulled out of a box. That’s a key feature. A couple of reasons why the Royal Zip is our number one selling boots, it’s one that we have featured in our print advertisement before. It’s also because the zipper goes from the very top of the boots all the way down virtually to the ankle. It’s an incredibly easy boot to get on and off your feet. If you’re an older guy like I am or you have a tough time with tall rubber boots, these are incredibly easy to slip on and slip off quickly.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsThe other thing I find, our offices are up here in Upstate New York and our temperatures range probably from the 90s during the summer down to well below freezing during the winter time. During the summer months, one of the things I like about the Zip is that I wear them and I don’t zipper them up. You can probably see that there’s what’s called a gusset inside of the zipper. The gusset is a layer of rubber between the zipper and your leg. Even if you have the zippers down, your feet will still remain 100% dry because they’re still waterproof.

During the summer months, I wear my Royal Zip and I don’t zip them up. That way you get a lot of air circulation all the way down to your ankle. Then during the winter months, I zip it up. This is our number one selling boots. All of our Royal Zips have this Vibram sole, which is a very well-respected and well-known brand name. It features deep tread on the bottom that shakes off rubber but provides excellent traction in wet and muddy conditions. Vibram came to Gumleaf several years ago when Gumleaf was making its own soles at that time. They essentially had designed the soles for our boots that mimic the original design. The original design of Gumleaf boots had soft rubber airfield chambers underneath the heel and in the forefoot of the boots.

Those are the keys to the comfort because while you have very hard rubber in the bottom of the Vibram sole here, in between your heel and the bottom of the boots, there are the soft air-filled rubber chambers. Every time you take a step, you get a little bit of compression underneath the heel in the forefoot of the boots. That’s the key to their comfort. That’s the advantages of our Royal Zip. It’s our number one selling boots. It is our most expensive boots. The ease of getting them on and off and depending upon where you live, the zipper feature allows them to be worn very comfortably during the early spring season and into the summer. If you’re out putting in food plots or something like that for hours during the months coming up, it’s the boots that you can still wear very comfortably.

Thanks for bringing that up because a lot of my audience are 365 hunters. They’re in the fields doing habitat improvement and food plots. It could be dry, it could be wet, it could be flat out muddy. These boots are what I’m going to call in the market and speak about our 365 boots. No matter what you’re doing, these boots are going to be with you. The second thing is that when you look at it as five-year boots, then the cost to own them is reduced significantly. I’ve had boots that have cracked and sent them back or I had to buy a new pair of boots. I’m excited to get these and put them on in September and not take them off until December.

I’m going to have four months of hunting all different types of terrain. I look forward to doing my own testing if you will. With the outdoor, I talked to Meadow Kouffeld, who’s my cohost and she’s in the field all the time. She was doing Woodcock Brewed census up in Upper Michigan and she had rubber boots on and we talked about it. As an upland hunter and biologist in that area, it’s important for anybody to have that. For farm boots and for whitetail hunters, they’re great. For people that live in the Seattle area in wet weather, there are a lot of boots companies up there because people wear boots. If you go up in the inside passage of Alaska, everybody has rubber boots on. There’s no question. When you look at all that, there are a lot of applications for these boots. One thing I want to go back and touch on for people would be why calves? I think it’s the Viking tech that you have.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsAfter the Royal Zip, our biggest seller is this boots called The Viking. The Viking itself is neoprene-lined just like the Royal Zip is. You can see in the back, there was a vent that’s made of rubber. It has a strap so you can tighten it up, but this vent expands and depending upon the size of the boots, that provides up to another five inches of space around the calf. This is why we think it’s important for people who are interested in our boots to check the sizing chart for your calf size or circumference. This is popular not only for guys with bigger calves but also for women because all of our boots come in women’s sizes as well or most of them do.

In men’s thirteen, this allows up to a 21-inch calf. That’s huge. We’ve got NFL football players wearing these things because of that. If it’s a boot you’re going to wear in cold weather while out hunting with hunting pants or something on, that’s another reason why you may want additional room for tucking in pants. The Viking itself is neoprene-lined. There is a new style that I call the Viking Tek. They’re so new that I don’t even have them up on our website yet. I brought in some initial pairs to test in the US market here a short time ago. Those are fabric-lined boots. It’s more appropriate for cool to warmer weather while the neoprene lined boots are best for a cool to cold weather conditions.

You mentioned about the sizes. They’re European sizes. Let’s talk about that for a little bit.

The boots are handmade in Europe. Naturally, as you just said they’re European size and then we make conversions, the US men and US women size from that. Essentially, they’re available from EU or European 37, which is a US women’s size 7 right up to an EU 47, which is up to US men’s 13. As the Brits say, they’re sized generously meaning particularly in men’s sizes, they run true to size but they have a little extra space in the event you want to wear extra socks with them when it gets particularly cold. I haven’t found the need to do that. My Royal Zip, I have worn down to ten degrees below with men’s dress socks on. Because they’re handmade in Europe, they are generously sized and they tend to fall in all sizes. In men’s sizes, for example, they’re available in nines, tens and elevens. There’s an 11.5 but we don’t sell that many of them because everybody tends to fall into whole sizes. We have them from up to size thirteen. The women’s are down to US women size seven.

The width is standard in the boots. When Gumleaf made its own sole for the boots, they were sized to an EEE width. In most of our inventory in the US, we’ve converted over to Vibram soles. For different sizes and different styles, there still are some that are the traditional Gumleaf sole but for the most part, they’re all Vibram now. The Vibram sole has a slightly narrower profile. Therefore, it probably cuts the width of the boots a little bit from an EEE to an E or EE width.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsOne thing that I’m concerned about and every single whitetail hunter is concerned about is being scent-free. We have lotions, shampoos and carbon in our fabric. We’re concerned about that. What’s the secret about your boots being scent-free?

Natural rubber probably tends to be more scent neutral than most other materials that you’re going to find any boots are made of, particularly the leather. There is a place for leather boots. If you’re in conditions that are well-known and dry, then leather boots certainly can work for you. If you’re going to be out in unknown terrain where the scent is a concern, then nothing can be as useful as rubber boots. Regardless of what terrain you’d come across and temperature spreads, a tall rubber boot like this are going to probably be the best in terms of remaining scent free.

I like how you said scent neutral. That’s something you don’t hear about a lot. I like how you brought that into the conversation because as I understand it, and correct me if I’m wrong, the scent doesn’t attach itself to the rubber. Therefore, you can’t smell any of the odor except possibly the rubber odor. Is that correct?

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There is less smell to a rubber. It’s more scent neutral than leather is going to be. I don’t think we have to explain to anybody when you smell a leather jacket or a leather pair of boots, you recognize that as leather but you can’t smell rubber boots like this. It’s interesting, if you look into the literature and look at studies that have been done, I’ve seen studies that questioned whether or not anything can be scent-free. Most things in nature can pick up a scent. You want to minimize the scent as much as possible. It’s pretty well-established that a rubber carries less of a scent than something like a leather boots will. There are places for leather boots where you don’t need tall rubber boots. In terms of minimizing scent, rubbers certainly have less of a smell to it than leather would.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsYour opinion is if you’re deer hunting, you should have rubber boots on.

For a number of different reasons. Our offices are in upstate New York and there are lots of deer hunting up here: Pennsylvania, Michigan, various parts of the Northeast, in particular. The type of terrain you’re going to run across, either while you’re out putting in food plots or if you’re out sighting trail cams or if you’re chasing down a deer after you’ve shot it, they’re in bow season or whatever. I’m sure your audience know that can lead you almost anywhere. I live surrounded by parks here where there are hundreds if not thousands of deer. While there’s no hunting in the park, occasionally, you do see hunters who ended up having to follow a deer that they’ve already shot into the park. They end up in swamps or ponds or everything else to retrieve their deer. It’s those types of conditions that we think that the rubber boots are ideal for.

One thing whitetail hunters want is all day comfort. How do Gumleaf boots fit that bill?

It’s primarily a feature of the way that the soles of the boots have been designed with those soft rubber airfield chambers underneath the heel and forefoot of the boots. That provides not only a layer of cushioning but also particularly in cold weather, those air-filled chambers act as a thermal pane window. It uses air in the middle of that to keep the cold on one side and the heat on the other. For example, during the winter time, my wife wears our boots as well. We’re out walking our dogs. We’re sometimes knee-deep in snow. We heat with wood pretty much from November until March. We’re constantly out picking up wood, stacking it, splitting it and things like that. We spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter months and into the fall and out into the spring. It’s great to have a pair of boots that are always going to be comfortable on your feet regardless of the types of weather conditions you’re encountering and what the temperature range may be that you’re going to be wearing them.

Tell the people one more time how to find you on social media or your website.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsOur website is We’ve been fairly active on Facebook for the last several years. There are a lot of photographs that have been sent in from people who have bought one, two or three pairs of our boots if they’ve got camps and things like that. I would highly encourage people to check out our website or our Facebook page, which is You will see a lot of photographs that are particularly from the upland market, but a lot of photographs that people have contributed over the years showing how they’re using their boots and commenting.

We’ve gotten more active on Instagram as a means for both promoting our boots, but also just watching more and more purchasers posting pictures of themselves in our boots and commenting. It’s not unusual. Our market has spread quite a bit from just the upland market. We’re using this as an entree into the deer hunting market, but we have a number of equestrians who have bought them. There are foresters, people who are active in boating and camping and anywhere you may encounter water conditions. We’re very popular boots because of the comfort for people that are out hiking. We deal with landscapers and highway workers. Anybody who spends a lot of hours on their feet is going to find that these are the most comfortable boots that they’ve ever worn.

If somebody is not tolerant of natural latex rubber content, how do they know that so they don’t buy a pair of boots and then have a reaction?

Most people would know hopefully before they pick up a pair of boots. In the few years that we’ve been selling them here in the US, I’ve only encountered one buyer who contacted me a couple of weeks after he had bought them and worn them for the first time. He said his leg was starting to break out in hives or turn red. I said, “Do you have a latex allergy?” He said, “I don’t know.” I was like, “You do.” Normally, most people who have latex allergy know that they’re allergic and that can occur because of the high rubber content. It’s a natural latex rubber that’s used in making these boots. Most people who have a latex allergy will be aware of it, hopefully, before they buy a pair of our boots.

We have a very liberal exchange or return policy, particularly since most of our business is done online these days. Sometimes the fit isn’t exactly perfect or somebody picks up a pair of the boots and then they decide that they do want a wider calf or something. We don’t get an awful lot of boots back for exchange. If somebody finds out after they’ve got a pair that they, in fact, have some latex allergy, we will accept the return of the boots. We asked people not to wear the boots outside before they make the keep versus exchange or return decision. They can always send them back if that’s the case.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsOne thing you mentioned about OSHA requirements is there is no steel shank or toe.

These don’t. Our boots are for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. They haven’t been designed as work boots per se. They don’t have a steel cap in the toe and there’s no steel shank that runs all the way across. At one point when I first started importing the boots, I thought, “Microbrews might be a great place because most people that work in breweries and everything will wear tall rubber boots.” I was targeting some of the microbrews, but OSHA does regulate because they’re carrying kegs and things like that. They wear steel-toed boots. It’s something somebody should be aware of. It’s not safety boots. If you need safety boots, you’d probably want to find another brand. If you want a tall, very comfortable, extremely durable and well-made pair of boots, then Gumleaf gives you a good choice in a variety of different styles.

One thing I like and it’s a feature that you have that felt patch around the heel to help break in the boots. Why don’t you tell all the people about that?

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There are a number of features. When we do shows sometimes, I have a couple of pairs of boots that I’ve taken a band saw to cut right down the middle of the boots so you can actually see the quality on the inside and the air-filled rubber chambers and everything. In the bottom corner of the boots in this area, Gumleaf sews a felt patch all the way around the heel. That felt patches help with comfort certainly but also helps as you break in the boots. Felt is a relatively soft material. It’s not intended to last with the life of the boots, but it helps as you break in the boots and make sure that it fits right. It’s an anti-blistering step that we filled in. It works particularly well. I have some people who wear down the felt faster than others. It’s not intended to last five or ten years. It’s there as a function to help during the break-in period.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsLet’s go back to the beginning of the show. We talked about a number of things about Gumleaf boots. We started off with comfort, durability and quality. Let’s recap those, Jack.

Those are the key benefits that we bring to the market. It’s the quality of the boots because they come across the Atlantic rather than across the Pacific. The high rubber content of the boots ensures that they’re not only 100% waterproof, but that they’re going to last for years. The durability of the boots, my five-year-old pair are going strong. I strongly suspect that they will see ten years or fifteen years because the rubber content is such. Our boots are tested at the factory. They’ve been tested over a million flexes like this without cracking. Each pair is also pressure tested at the factories to ensure against any leakage around where the upper meets the lower. Things like that that we do at the factories, sewing felt into the heel pad that makes them an extremely well-made pair of boots as you would expect from European boots. You will get the boots’ great durability and the comfort factor is second to none. I’ve worn a number of other styles of rubber boots on one foot and a pair of Gumleaf boots on the other. In my biased opinion, it’s day and night.

I will tell you a funny story though. At one point, early on when we were first bringing the boots over to enter the US, we were doing a number of equestrian shows. There was a young lady who tried our boots on for the first time and we were on concrete floors in this convention hall down in Pennsylvania. She and I were talking, and the whole time that we’re talking, she keeps bouncing from one heel to the other heel. She did that for an hour. I said to her, “Do you realize that you’ve been bouncing for this whole hour that we’ve been talking?” We both laughed about it. You can really feel the way the soles have been designed so that they’re incredibly comfortable. I compared them to a pair of sneakers before, but that’s the comfort you can expect from these boots. That comfort doesn’t go away. It doesn’t wear out. It’s built in and it’s part of the design of the soles of the boots. Comfort, durability and the quality of the European handmade boots, that’s what we’re bringing to market here.

Where do they have to go to pick up a pair of your boots?

The easiest thing to do is to go to our website, You can see the various styles there. You should check out the size chart under customer service to make sure that the boot height is going to be below your knee and to also check out the calf circumference. If you end up having calves that are wider than, for example, some of our field boots or our Saxon boots or something like that, then you will want to consider the Viking boots. It’s a very popular boot for men and women with wider calves. We ship everything here in the United States and mostly the boots, we ship into Canada as well via United States Postal service, two to three-day priority.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsThe other thing I would say is because they are handmade boots, our supplies here in the United States are relatively limited. It takes a long time. I have an order coming in that I placed months ago in preparation for deer hunting season. It takes a while for the factory to make the number of boots here, as you can imagine that we’re looking to bring into the US market. I just want to forewarn people that because of the handmade quality of these things, we don’t have millions of them here. They come in large shipments, but we’re trying to slowly introduce them to different components of the market to avoid back-order situations.

How many pairs do you think you will have to come in?

It’s fewer than 1,000.

To the audience, if you’re interested in it, go to and use promo code, WR2019, to get free shipping to any place in the United States, including Alaska. If you want to make sure, the sooner you order, the sooner you get on the list and the sooner they will be shipped out. Jack will communicate with you, “Your order will be filled as soon as the next shipment gets here.” Jack, you said you get a shipment now on June. When’s the next shipment expected?

The next shipment is expected to arrive probably pretty close to the opening of deer hunting season up here. It will be mid-fall anyway before my next shipment comes in.

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsIf you’re an archery hunter, then it’s going to be October to November timeframe. If you’re an archery hunter, you need to order them now to make sure you get them. With gun hunters, it’s the same thing. As the year goes on, based on the orders, then Jack will be able to order more because he wants to not get into the back-order situation. If somebody does order something, pays for it and it gets back order, do you refund their money?

They can’t place an order if we’re out of stock. We don’t accept orders online unless we still have an inventory of a particular style and size. They can email us at and let us know what size and style. The other thing I would say is when you’re ordering the boots or before you order or even afterwards and you have any questions, just call us at our toll-free number, 844-486-5323. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the design, the fit, the intended use, anything. We sell Gumleaf USA boots in a variety of different settings and I’m accustomed to getting hit with lots of different questions about our boots. I’ll be happy to help answer any questions before you order your first pair.

One thing I’d ask, when you order your boots and you put them on, when you open the box, take a picture, send it to or send it to Jack. When you’re opening the box of your Gumleaf boots, just snap a selfie with you and your boots and send it to me. I’m going to use that for promotion because Jack has selected Whitetail Rendezvous as one of his outlets to get the word out to the whitetail world. I appreciate that very much, Jack, that you’ve selected us to help you launch your product here in North America. One more thing, a lot of people talk about being green. How green is Gumleaf?

Our factory is rather unique in terms of that. No petrochemicals are used. It’s a steam-run factory. There’s no PVC that’s used in the construction of our boots. The factory operates under what’s called REACH principles. It’s a carbon neutral factory. The boots don’t contain any formaldehyde, lead or PVCs. It’s an ISO 1400 run factories. No petrochemicals are being used in the production of these boots. Some people are more concerned about that than others. I’ve had a lot of moms call up looking for boots for their kids particularly if they’re hypersensitive to the quality of the boots and its construction and the environmental conditions that they’re constructed in. It’s well-made boots and it’s the boots that are consistent with the origins of the brand, which are out on a farm in the UK. That’s how they were first designed. It was for all-day wear-out on a farm where they’re actively using them for hunting every day or wearing them out in the field.

One more time, if somebody wants to order a pair of Gumleaf boots, how do they do that?

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsIt’s and call with any questions at 844-486-5323. As Bruce said, once you have your boots, we welcome photographs. We post a lot of the photographs from people out in the field with our boots. I will be providing Bruce with a number of them. Guys right up almost to the top of their boots in briars, in mud, on swamps, out in the woods and things like that. We welcome photographs on our Facebook page and Instagram and for use on our website.

When you’re on Instagram, just do an Instagram Live or Facebook Live and say, “I’m out in X, Y and Z with my Gumleaf boots and here’s why I’m happy about them.” We’d appreciate that. Use promo code, WR2019, to get free shipping to any place in the United States. With that, we’re going to wrap this up special Gear Wednesday edition of Whitetail Rendezvous podcast featuring Gumleaf USA and Jack Butler.

Thanks, Bruce.

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Jack and I did a promo podcast on the introduction to North America of Gumleaf USA. One thing we wanted to do is clarify the shipping. Jack is going to offer free shipping for the next 60 days from the publication date. That would be July 26, August 26 and 60 days from the date of publication, you will be getting free shipping any place in North America. Is that correct, Jack?

I think that works out well. We found in recent years, it’s usually the front end of the market which begins preparing for hunting season in the month of August anyway, although for your 365-day hunters, there’s probably a fairly consistent need for boots like this throughout the year. The 60 days makes sense for us and hopefully, it works for you as well as for your audience.

For our audience, 60 days from the date of publication, you will get free shipping to any place in the United States, including Alaska. With that, we’re going to close the segment with Jack Butler from Gumleaf USA. Jack, how do people get ahold of you to order the boots?

The best way is to order online, If they have any questions, they can call 844-486-5323, that’s 844 GUM LEAF or they can email me at

Thank you and use promo code, WR2019, to get your free shipping for 60 days from published date of Gumleaf USA.

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About Jack Butler

WTR Gumleaf | Gumleaf USA Handmade BootsJack Butler is the Owner of Gumleaf USA, the exclusive importer and distributor of European made Gumleaf boots into the US and Canada. He began importing Gumleaf about 4 years ago and has been letting the brand grow organically. Gumleaf USA focused first on the upland hunting market where they’ve become a well-respected and recognized brand. This year, Jack is beginning to introduce whitetail deer hunters to Gumleaf USA.
Jack’s an avid outdoorsman living surrounded by the woods, deer, fox and a variety of wildlife. Their offices are outside Rochester NY where temperatures range from the 90s in the Summer to below freezing during the Winter. The company’s boots are available mainly online at their website: . They can also be reached at 844.486.5323.