Whitetail Rendezvous vision is to educate, collaborate and communicate with whitetail hunters. Hear the story behind the hunting strategy. Learn to hunt whitetail deer from the experts. They will share about food plots, herd management and hunting mature whitetails. Hear about the equipment they use in the field to increase their success. No matter if you’re a DIY hunter or hunt with outfitters, use a bow, a crossbow, a rifle or a muzzleloader Whitetail Rendezvous brings the best in class equipment, camo and gear to the podcast. Our guests talk about hunting white-tail deer, the lessons learned, tips and techniques, and campfire stories about the traditions of hunt, women in the outdoors and hear the story behind their strategy. Listen, Learn, Succeed – Join Whitetail Rendezvous host Bruce Hutcheon as he interviews guests from all walks of life across North America.


Recent Episodes

WTR Schneider | Idaho Monster Whitetails
  Nature is all about balance. In this episode, Tom Schneider, of Team Stuck N The Rut, talks about wolves and monster whitetails as he hunts in his home state of Idaho. Idaho is home to whitetails, but large wolves also co-exist in their habitat along with grizzlies. Tom brings up the topic of predator management and the role of wildlife biologists in the release of predators – a legitimate concern of hunters in the
WTR Brad | GoWild
  With communication technology improving constantly, it is only fitting that an efficient social platform for the hunting community be made. This is what pushed Brad Luttrell to co-found GoWild, a social media and activity tracking platform for outdoor enthusiasts. Brad was an advertising executive who found his way into the outdoor industry. Having grown up hunting, he found a way to merge his love for hunting and his entrepreneurial spirit after finding a problem
WTR 0904 | Early Season Hunting Secrets
  Josh Honeycutt, an avid hunter and editor at Realtree, talks about the importance of long-distance scouting for the early season. Last year, he harvested a beautiful mature 8-pointer by closing the gap and taking a risk of hunting on “off wind.” How do you take advantage of early season to put a mature buck on the ground? Listen to Josh as he shares his tips, tactics, and strategies that will make it happen for
  Whitetail hunting tools are not just your simple bow and arrow. These days it has greatly evolved with more complexity and efficiency in design such as the whitetail hunting camo. Dr. Shawn Tyson, the owner of Pure One Outdoors, talks about the right tools, specifically the modern-day camouflage, to use for whitetail hunting. He narrates how he started developing his camo using his experience and knowledge in the kind of animal, the wind and
WTR Christo | Hunting Survival Skills
  The 2019 hunting season is coming up, and hunters out there are prepping their gears. Avid hunter Christopher James, or CJ, lives close to the Canadian Rockies. CJ shares some of his expert skills about prepping for the Rockies this fall. He tells the how, when, and where on hunting the mountains. His insights on hunting survival skills will enable you to be not only physically prepared but mentally ready to hunt hard. He
WTR Avena | American Outdoor News
  American Outdoor News is committed to bringing you the best of the outdoors through their cross-platform format of diverse topics. Their focus is to inspire the passion of the outdoors by providing relevant, engaging, and quality content to their readers. American Outdoor News has handpicked a diverse staff of writers that are seasoned professional outdoorsmen in their respective fields, and they have drawn from their own personal experiences to share their adventures with our
WTR 0819 | August Hunting Preparation
  In this episode, Josh Honeycutt shares his insights of the August prep for all whitetail hunters, which includes studying and managing the information you get from trail cameras, as well as the basics of shooting bows and gear maintenance. He also highlights the importance of not messing dear patterns as you place and manage trail cameras. Josh is a back-country deer hunter from Kentucky who grew up slinging arrows and bullets at pressured river bottom
WTR Greg | Wild Awakening
  Hunting is an enjoyable activity that’s supposed to bring you happiness and relaxation. Avid hunter and outdoorsman l Matthews experienced the opposite when he barely survived a near-fatal grizzly attack on an idyllic hunting trip through the backwoods of Alaska with his brother. In the terrifying moment when the hunter becomes the one hunted, he shares how he thought of his family and God, and that helped him survive the whole ordeal. In this episode, he
WTR Greg | Wild Awakening
  Hunting is a relatively safe activity, until you come face to face with a grizzly. Avid hunter and outdoorsman Greg Matthews barely survived a near-fatal grizzly attack when he was out on an idyllic hunting trip through the backwoods of Alaska with his brother. Greg recounts the harrowing attack and how he thought that he would die out in the Alaskan wilderness. He shares the terrifying moment when the hunter becomes the one hunted, and how