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Outdoor Savage
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Outdoor Savage
Outdoor Savage

About Us

Drew Fuglsang and Kenny Cobb started Outdoor Savage with the passion to have a career related to the outdoors. The outdoors lifestyle was something we were raised in.

We grew up hunting and fishing with our family. We believe that it’s a passion that you are born with and we take pride in.

As we grew older and times changed so did our passion for the outdoors due to our struggles with addiction.


After battling the disease of addiction for many years we sought help and began a life of complete abstinence.

While in those years of the struggle we lost everything including knowing who we were. We believe the outdoors helped save and rebuild ourselves. There is a sense of peace that comes from being in the outdoors and providing for ones’ self. It is a place that we feel we can come closer to God and connect on a spiritual level.

In a sense we believe that the outdoor lifestyle that we where raised in as children helped save our lives. That is why we started Outdoor Savage.

We wanted not only to have a career in the outdoors but also help give other people the opportunity to fall in love with the lifestyle. Outdoor Savage is not a hobby to us; it is a lifestyle.

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