#453 Moab 240 Mental Toughness Ryan Lange


MOAB 240
MOAB 240
Moab 240
Ryan Lange

MOAB 240

I am a ultramarathon runner, avid hunter, and student and Drexel University in Philadelphia.

I recently completed the Moab 240-mile endurance run and became the youngest person to ever run over 200 miles.

I am in the tree stand 2-3 nights a week and would love to share some of my methods. I am only 3 years into hunting but may have some knowledge to pass on!

I love the outdoors and this world in general and will never take for granted the happiness it brings me.

Moab200.com is a 238 mile footrace through desert, 2 mountain ranges, slick rock, canyons, and some of the most legendary terrain and trails in the world in world class destinations around Moab, Utah! Surrounded by Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, this is an adventure of a lifetime.

This is a solo non-stop footrace, not a relay or stage race. Runners have 112 hrs to complete the fully marked course. Aid stations, crew access, sleep stations, hot food make this race one of a kind. The route is one enormous loop, no repetition. Brought to you by Destination Trail team, organizers of the Tahoe 200 & Bigfoot 200.

MOAB 240
MOAB 240

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