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Winds and scents are only a few of the outdoors’ defenses against hunters. Fooling a whitetail’s nose is a great feat that’s worth bragging about. Top Secret Scents Co-Founder, Wes Sherouse, shares a family grown ingredient that has produced successful results in terms of masking the human odor. Their products have also been proven to help hunters lure deer within ethical kill range. Wes talks about the difference their product has compared to the others in the market. In addition to great deer scent products, they also offer bug repellents that are designed for the hunt.


Portland Outdoors Makes Scents – Wes Sherouse

I’m heading out of Pensacola, Florida. Wes is one of the owners of Portland Outdoors and Top Secret Scents. I’m so excited about having you on the show. Welcome to the show.

Thanks again for having us. I’ve been excited all day to try to get through my other job so I can get home and we can talk about hunting, the fun stuff for sure.

Wes gave me a little tour around his man cave there, his trophy room, and he’s got some nice deer. I thought we might want to learn what he’s saying about with his product. We’re going to go through and talk about right off the bat, Top Secret. What is a scent and what isn’t?

As far as the man cave, God blessed me, I’ve been in the right spot at the right time and I’ve been prepared to be able to shoot and make that good shot. Without a shameless plug, most of these deer have been killed using one of our products, one of our scents. Our patent from collection to bottling was oxygen-free. The two of the biggest demises of deer urine is one, oxygen which immediately starts turning it into ammonia. Two, the heat you put those two together and it speeds up the process. Any urine whether human or deer starts to ammonianize. Once it starts to ammonianize, the pheromones are lost due to the smell of the ammonia in there. We’re happy to be home and we’re definitely excited to take you on a tour through all of this. It was a hobby at first and a passion and it’s turned into a fun business to where we get to interact with a lot of people that are being successful out there in the outdoors.

Step back in why did you get in this business? Any business is hard and it takes money and time.

This one is the same way. At the end of the day, it’s still retail and it takes time away from the family. I’m a full-time dentist as well. It takes time in between patients or at lunch to return emails, contact customers and to make sure that the order got there and to make sure that everybody’s got set up. If there is anything else that they need or asking, “How’s it going?” What ultimately got me into this was the fact that I was ready to invest in something. There was nothing that I was as passionate about as the outdoors and hunting. Portland Outdoors came about. Whenever we started looking at what do we want out of the company, we want to service our clients and our customers year-round. There are a lot of companies that are isolated in the hunting industry and that is great. That is phenomenal. We wanted to put together something that continued to evolve. We move from one season to the next. You can ask my wife, that’s how I live my life. As soon as deer hunting season is over, I’m already thinking either about hog hunting or turkey hunting. When turkey season is over, I’m probably going to go back and do some hog hunting and alligator hunting and once that’s over, going right back into deer hunting.

It sounds like you’ve got a busy year plus you told me that you’re also fishing offshore.

Living down here in Pensacola, we’re fortunate to have the fishery that we have and grew up doing it. It’s a lot of fun to harvest a big whitetail. It sure is a lot of fun to watch the blue marlin come in and eat it and have him on the line too. It’s a big adrenaline rush.

That’s what I say as adrenaline junkies. I’ve been fortunate to fish out of San Diego and cut some pretty nice fish and it never gets old.

It’s to the point where offshore, I’ve been fortunate enough to catch a few of them. It’s almost more fun for me taking people that haven’t done it and watching them get the thrill of doing it. Those fish are big enough that everybody gets the meat so that’s the bonus. That’s the icing on the cake there.

Let’s get back to Top Secret. Did you acquire a product or do you guys create it on your own?

We have a gentleman that wrote the patent for Code Blue. He came to us with an idea, he wrote that on this and we took it and ran from there.

WTR WesS | Outdoor Scents

Did you know him before, this gentleman?

We did.

I’m trying to help people understand. What’s a good scent and what’s a not-so-good scent? Can you help me define that?

Let me say this, you’re out there and all of them have their niche. They all have success stories that follow them. The biggest thing that makes us different from any of them is the fact that we’re completely oxygen-free from the collection to the bottom. As you can see, we bottle ours in a clear bottle to show you that it has not started to ammonianize. It hasn’t started to break down. It hasn’t started to turn brown or anything like that. You’ll notice that a lot of the other scent companies they bottle in an opaque, brown or plastic bottle. No matter what their collection to bottling process is, it’s been exposed to oxygen so the breakdown process has already started. Once that starts, so does the ammonia cycle. You can slow it down after you cap it off and put it in a refrigerator, but you’ve still got that ammonia scent. With ours, the only time you’re going to get that is after the bottle has been opened. It’s almost like being able to carry that deer around in your pocket and going, “Disperse your scent right here.” It’s the freshest and it’s the finest. That’s our niche. That’s our little claim to fame.

As far as collection, you’re on deer farms?

Yes, sir.

Do you have a patented process for the collection?

Yes, sir.

The basic thing from you against everybody in the world, one is you’re 100% oxygen-free and you control the whole capture process?

The patent is not on the bottling, but the reclaiming process from start to finish.

How do you know when the does give the best estrus urine? Is it only urine? What’s the magic there?

In the wild, there are a lot of predicting factors that cause deer to go into estrus. If you’re in a controlled environment, you can have estrus cycles. I don’t want to say completely throughout the year but at random times of the year. It does not have to be in the Midwest in November or down here in the Deep South. It’s starting to have their estrus cycles. You’ve got a pretty big window as to when they will come into estrus. We don’t collect estrus and toss them. We have some early season scents that are a non-estrus and non-tarsal buck and doe urines. If a deer comes in and he feels comfortable while he or she is feeding, more often than not, they will use the bathroom at some point in time. That sent is a calming scent to the deer. They know that somebody else was here. Not only was somebody here, everything is comfortable, everything is cool, this is a feeding plot. We have a lot of people that use that early-season stuff around their stands. If a deer is passing by and they catch wind of the scent they’re going to go, “Maybe some food was up here or maybe this deer went down this trail for X, Y, Z reasons. Let me go see.”

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Controlled situation estrus. You can chart so you know when to collect. What about the pheromones though? When in the estrous cycle, how do you measure them?

That’s what makes your estrus unique in your different bottles. We are one deer one bottle. It’s like you and me. We may walk into a room and smell a female that has one spray of perfume on and that is what attracts us. Tommy, who’s with us, may like the lady that has three sprays of perfume on. When you get your different rates of pheromone, the fluctuation is not too great if you put it on a chemistry test. One scent may be more attractive to a buck than the other and there’s no telling. Some buck maybe wants to look for a doe that’s coming into estrus versus your younger deer who want to find anything and everything that they can try to cut.

When a buck’s lip curls and takes that smell up his nose and how they filter it out. The way they collect them, is that going to change the amount of pheromones he gets?

The amount of pheromones that he’s going to be able to get into that receptor is the same way that he’s going to smell you on a treestand. It’s due to scent molecules in the air. A lot of that has to do with this space, how far you are or how far the scent is from him. The more molecules that he’s grabbing, he knows that the doe is closer or that doe should be closer. The same thing with you on the stand. There are a lot of great products out there that do a good job. Scent Crusher does an amazing job. ScentLok, our Scent Defense or Spray Down without it binding to the human bacteria and the odor. All you’re trying to do is knock down overall scent molecules, whether it be urine, whether it be your own natural scent. There are receptors that are at the base of their nose. It’s a meter. If it’s low, then we know we’ve got to go farther and go closer. If it’s high, then high alert, either it’s good being the doe is close or, “There’s somebody hanging around here that shouldn’t be and I need to get going.”

Should I take a half bottle and put it on my wick so he gets blasted?

You can. People ask me that all the time, “How much scent should you use?” The better bucks and even the success stories that I’m getting especially here in the south. I found out that the more application that they put in certain spots, the better the results and stronger that they come in. I had a gentleman named Paul that I met at a little Country Market. He was telling me about this deer. He said, “He comes in on camera at 1:00 AM. I can’t get him in there any sooner than that.” I said, “Try some Tarsal Gland Scent. It’s almost like you come home and you walk through your living room and you smell Old Spice cologne and you don’t wear Old Spice. It definitely heightens the tension at this point in the rut.”

I was driving back by that country store and I saw this rack hanging out of the back of the truck. I had to whip over. For Alabama, it was an exceptional deer. I get out of the truck and all of a sudden, Paul falls out of the side of the truck with his biggest smile. He’s like, “I sprayed that stuff you told me. I got him tonight.” What a great success story that came together. That’s how it works. The deer that I was fortunate to take in Kansas, I used our foam product. I put a lot of scents down and called the deer to me. He was going across the prairie and snort wheezing. When he came and hit that scent trail if he could have found a way to get up that tree to me, he would have been. Fortunately, I was able to get an arrow at him at fourteen yards and now he’s a taxidermist stump.

You’ve got a lot of good stories. I love the one with Paul. He couldn’t figure it out and he got some advice and applied it. If you spend the time buying a product, listening to a podcast, watching a TV show Pursuit Channel, everything and say, “That sounds pretty good. It won’t work for me.” Stop right there. You wasted your money and your time. Go, “That worked for that guy. Why wouldn’t it work for him?” Paul is a perfect example. He went out there, did what he thought he’d do and game over.

Everybody has a story to tell and that’s going back to why I invested in this. Everybody’s got a story and everybody has been in a situation in the woods that somebody else has not been to. If you’re not able to listen to them and try to extrapolate any tip or something that’s going to make you a better hunter, you need to slow down because you’re missing a lot. My success partly is wholly due to God and being able to be in the right spot at the right times. I’ve learned so much from the guys that have surrounded me that are able to have done things that I had not done or tried things that I had not tried or vice versa. We come back to camp and go, “This works.” “This didn’t work.” Years ago, I couldn’t get a buck to respond in the Midwest to rattling for nothing. My buddy Ben said, “Let me see the rattle bag.” He took a couple of small sticks out of there and the next day I rattled in nine bucks. You’ve always got to extrapolate, learn and listen to podcasts. Anything that you can download and pick up a tip from, it will make you better in the woods no doubt.

Let’s go back to Top Secret. Let’s do the application. I bought some Top Secret, now what do I do?

We’ve got three different methods of application. We’ve got a one-ounce bottle. It’s small and handy. You can put it right in your pocket. You can do one of a couple of things. You can either take it and spray it as you’re walking in and leave a scent trail. If you find a hot scrape and you want to dump it all in there, you can unscrew it and dump it in there. That’s one of our applications. The one ounce is typically what the market drives. That’s what a lot of your big box stores won’t because they want to be able to put as much stuff as they can in a small amount of space. A lot of our mom-and-pop stores, your grassroots stores, they prefer the three-ounce bottle. A lot of people call this the hot sauce bottle. The best way that we found to applicate this is you can either dump it in a scrape. What I like to do is as I’m walking to the stand, I’ll take the top off and as I’m walking, I’ll flick a little bit here and there and it leaves a citric. That’s been successful.

I had two people message me from the treestands showing me empty bottles where they had poured in scrapes. My brother used one of the three ounces and he poured in scrapes all the way down the road and then trailed it out a food plot. I was so tickled for him because about 4:30 I hadn’t seen a deer yet and I get, “I just shot a big buck.” He comes in hot right on that trail that I left. I was like, “I’m excited. That’s what it’s for. That’s what it’s all about.” That’s the second way. The third way is my favorite. It’s a funk foam. You get eight ounces of urine with our special formula of the foam. What that does is it allows it to become sticky so you can place it in different areas. You can place it up on the licking branch. You can place it up a tree not recommended by Portland Outdoors, but it is something that I do. I absolutely douse my boots in it.

WTR WesS | Outdoor Scents

As you’re walking by grasses or anything else and a little bit of that scent comes off, you’re leaving a scent trail. You don’t have that old drag rag that’s behind it that gets caught on a briar, caught on a limb, or caught on anything else. I can’t tell you how many close encounters I’ve had. The wind may not be right. You need to get down on the ground and do something having that scent on you. It’s been good but Portland Outdoors does not recommend that. I’m only telling you from Wes that’s what I do.

Let’s talk about draglines. There are a lot of different thoughts about that. You can go ten feet behind me. We used to use a lot of strapping pads at the bottom of our boots. Do yourself a favor this upcoming season and try it once. Go ahead. I like to do it in the morning versus the evening myself. Try it once and you’ll be surprised when that buck comes right to your treestand. You have to take the drag. I put it ten to fifteen yards away with a perfect setup for a double lung shot. Having said that, if there’s nothing more than going, “There’s a buck and he sees. The nose goes down and it comes up.” You go, “He’s right on that scent trail.” That’s fun. I might belabor it but try it for sure. If you never tried it, get ahold of Wes’ foam. I’ve never used the foam so I’m going to try some of his stuff. Go ahead and try that. You never know if you’re in the right area and especially during the rut, you could have a traffic jam. What are your thoughts?

If somebody’s never tried a scent trail, whether it be a drag rag or flying it out. The first time you see that buck’s nose to the ground. He doesn’t have a doe. He’s either bred with a doe that he’s already been with. He’s looking for the next one with nose to the ground. Whenever they are fired up sometimes, I feel like you can do jumping jacks in the treestand and get away with it, but you get so enamored with, “Look at him, he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to do.” If you think about your scent trail, think about where you started from. One big mistake I see people all the time they say, “I started my scent trail at the four-wheeler.” Don’t ever do that or your side by side or your truck. If he hits that scent trail, he’s got a 50/50 chance to turn if he intercepted it at a perpendicular. If he goes one way and he goes right back to your truck, right back to your four-wheeler and he’s spooked and he’s gone.

If he goes one way and he loses it, he’s going to turn back around and comes back towards you if he doesn’t see anything that’s out of the norm. I do want to say that I get a lot of emails that people say, “I am not sure what happened. I started it at my ATV, at my truck, at my whatever.” Get it into the woods. If I’m going to put a scent trail down, I don’t start until I find an active scrape or something right there. You have to forethought where your wind is for and where you think that the buck should be coming from. You want to terminate it to where when he stops and he runs out of options, you’re ready to make that good, ethical shot and you can put it together. Having a deer flip the light switch on it, come in there on the string, is impressive for sure.

It’s as good as decoying ducks or geese. Once they commit, they’re committed unless something stupid happens. They’re committed to it and a lot of people like them. I’ve had my cell phone out and get fifteen seconds worth of film, but that’s all part of the hunt to me. Talk about your hunting tradition. How this all came to be that Wes loves the outdoors?

On our Instagram page, we’ve got a success story from Alex Holland. He has put a scent trail down and he stealth filmed the deer coming in on the string. He made a great shot 20, 21 yards with a bow. That’s some amateur footage if you have some people that want to check that out. How did I get started? I had two pretty amazing men in my life with my grandfather and then my dad. There wasn’t a time that I was with my grandfather outside bird hunting or squirrel hunting. I can’t even count how many times that my granddad got in trouble by my mom for taking me hog hunting at night or raccoon hunting on school nights.

With my father, if it wasn’t playing baseball and football, we were immediately in the woods. I will never forget when I shot my first deer. The day before, I missed five times with a shotgun at twenty yards. We were in church and I was praying to the Lord, “Please let daddy take me hunting again this afternoon.” He ended up taking me and that’s how the passion got started. I don’t know if they sensed it in my blood or they put it in my blood but that’s how I got started. I always found a way around college baseball, the dental school and everything else. I was going to get hunting time. That’s where it started for me.

I appreciate that because everybody’s got a story. The thing I want to underscore there is remember those people that got you started. It might be your uncle, father, grandfather or a good friend of the family. It doesn’t matter. Think of them and when they don’t even know this, pick up the phone. Don’t text them. Call them up and say, “Uncle John, I wanted to say thank you.”

I was fortunate enough. My grandfather passed away a few years ago. The last hunt he ever went on was with me and shot a spike. He had killed several deer much bigger than that. You would have thought of that day, I handed him a $1 million check. That’s one of the fondest memories that I have and you’re right. Somebody has got to get you started in it and somebody’s got to help you out. That’s good advice, pick up the phone and say, “Thanks,” or “What are you doing this weekend? Let’s go get outdoors. Let’s do something.”

Let’s talk about your other product lines. You’ve got the Fog and I know you’ve got the bug repellent. What else do you have in the Bio?

BioShield is the bug repellent that I talked about. Steve, my partner, is a pharmacist and he is the one that came up with this and what it is. It’s a combination of all-natural oils. It’s how we activate the oils that produce the bug repellents in it. Any stinging insect that has a neurotransmitter caught on top of it. What the oils do and the way we activate them, it breaks down that neurotransmitter. It’s targeted for tics, mosquitoes, red bugs and anything that’s stinging. We were unsure of horse flies and yellow flies, but I have proven it time and time again in my backyard and out in rivers swamps at night whenever we’re alligator hunting, when you apply, they’re gone. They won’t mess with you at all.

The best thing about it is you’re not coating yourself with DEET. There are a lot of links to where DEET is harmful to your skin. There are some increases of potential skin cancers. This is all-natural so it’s 100% safe. It’s cool because for 2018, we had so many people asking if it was safe to put on animals as well and we replied back, “Yes, it is. Yes, ma’am. Yes, sir.” “I haven’t seen a flea or tick on Fido in three weeks since I’ve been bathing him every couple of days ago. We’ve been washing their beddings.” We came out with an animal line up as well.

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When Steve came up with it, I was a Thermacell guy, all these different repellent guys. I really had to go, “Let me sell out for this and give it a try.” Me and one of my best friends, Ben, are notorious for getting ticks on us every year. It didn’t matter what we did, we’d get ticks on us. A few years back, we did a whole turkey season between him and me. We hunt hard. We hunt four to five days a week in the mornings and not a single tick between him or me. We had another success story. There were two of my friends that went to Tennessee turkey hunting. They both sprayed down and the first day, zero ticks. The second day, one of them said, “I don’t think they’re that bad.” The other one said, “You’re crazy. I’m spraying down.” For the one that sprayed down, at night two, he had zero ticks. The one that did not spray down pulled fourteen ticks off that night. It’s definitely revolutionary and the biggest thing is it’s safe. That’s what’s neat about it.

What kind of disease do some people think, “I’ve got to spray down. Ticks do this, Rocky Mountain spotted fever?” Some of these bugs can flat out kill you.

You’ve got the Zika virus that came through hard with mosquitoes. That’s still present you. Especially pregnant women and things like that, you need to protect yourself there. With ticks, it records high Lyme disease here. Kip Campbell, a good friend of ours from Red Arrow TV, is an amazing man and has an amazing story. He has Lyme disease. There are several other people that I have known confirmed Lyme disease. If you don’t think Lyme disease will change your life, take a minute and Google. If you’ve got that and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, that’s a bad disease as well that the ticks do carry. A newer virus that has spawned out of the Northeast is called the Powassan virus. That’s a pretty serious deal. A couple of years ago, they didn’t have that many cases. There were 75 or 100 cases. I read where 50% of those people have some neurological damage and 10% to 12% of those people are either near death or do die from it. The other 50% is flu-like symptoms and your fine. If I had a 50/50 chance to win the lotto, I promise you I’d play a lot more than what I do.

To recap, use something that’s not going to be detrimental to your long-term health based on the application of it but something that’s going to protect you because I don’t care if you fish, play softball, play soccer, hunt or hike down a trail. Ticks won’t jump off the tree and get you, you’d be surprised. I’m not saying they do that, but if you brush up something and it happens. Let’s talk about the Fog Zero application that you have. I’ve been enough places to know that sometimes it gets cold twenty and below or you can be up, and it’s snowy, rainy and wet. A lot of different places and the biggest problem is you don’t want to bring up your scope or your glasses. I wear shooting glasses and it had fogged up because it ruins your day. Let’s talk about that.

Fog Zero is a neat compact unit. I don’t have one right here. I gave a bunch of them away to some guys. It’s the size of a pin. It’s maybe the width between a dime and it’s not near the size of a quarter. It’s a self-contained unit. On the upper member, you’ve got a microfiber cloth that you can clean glasses with or clean optics with. In the middle member, you’ve got a buffing pad which is also used to clean. On the flip side of that, you have a static-free brush. At the lower third, it almost looks like a highlighter pen and it’s got an anti-fog solution. For my rifles, which I rifle hunt with my kids more often than I go hunt, my rangefinders, all my optics, I’ll treat three or four times a year. What that does is it allows me to be in any situation at all.

Whether it’s in a warm environment that you’ve got the heater cranking in the shooting house and you stick the scope out. As soon as it hits cold weather, it’s going to fog. That prevents that and you hit the nail on the head, glasses. A lot of guys and gals out there are wearing glasses whether it be shooting glasses or anything like that. We treat our sunglasses on it. In the summertime, you’re in the air conditioning and you jump out and can’t see anything because you’ve got fog everywhere. You treat those with it and that keeps that humidity to a control. It prevents the fogging of the apparatus whichever optic it is.

Let’s go through your product line again. We got Top Secret.

Top Secret Deer Scents. We’ve got Scent Defense, which is our human odor eliminator. We’ve got the BioShield, which is your all-natural bug repellent. We’ve got Fog Zero which is your anti-fog solution.

Before we get into this, you can go on eBay. You can go anyplace in Google. Scent Blocker is a brand but there are thousands of them. Help me understand how they could be different or do some different things because as a consumer, I don’t know.

You’ve got it on a ton of choices out there. There is not a single product out there that is going to 100% eliminate human odor. You can do a lot of things that help you reduce it. If you can beat a whitetail’s nose, then you’ve done a good job. The key to all of them whether it be Scent Blocker, ScentLok or any of that and I’ve used all of them. They’re all great products. The key is application. You’ve not only got to hunt your winds, but also application. I understand especially in the Midwest states whenever it’s cold. They don’t like liberally applying a liquid on the outside because now it makes you wet and everything else. Anything you can do to reduce human odor is going to help you be more effective in the field for sure.

How do we apply your Scent Defense?

Our methodology behind it is the silver copper enzyme. What that does is it binds to human odor and it binds to the bacteria to be able to help reduce the emissions from your body. Ours is in a spray bottle. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. This is our unscented line and you take and liberally apply it. You want to apply to your face, your hands and anything that’s exposed. You have to apply to your clothing and I always rub it in. Any of our products that you put on your body, I’ve always taken. I’ll put it on my hands and rub it on my face and make sure that you apply it. A lot of people wanted a scent-free.

WTR WesS | Outdoor Scents

When you’ve got an early season that has some of our BioShield in it, that will help eliminate insects and it will help with the ticks and everything else as well. We’ve got our All Season which has an attractant in it. It not only lowers human odor, we paid money to do some research and hang some scents in front of deer and say, “Which one do they go to and which one do they like?” That’s what’s in there. This is my favorite. It reminds me of hunting with my grandfather and that’s how it came about. Grandpa’s old recipe and that’s what the smell is like to me.

The only thing I would say is please don’t buy any scent cover-up or whatever on price alone. You have to do some research.

There are a lot of great products out there and they all have their little niche and their little claim to fame. The biggest thing is making sure you’re using it. Especially if you’re hunting a grown mature deer, you educate him once or twice. Your opportunities for being able to harvest him are much less.

One thing that people have asked me all the time, “How do you become a 365-day a year hunter?” What does that mean to you?

There’s no magic recipe. It’s a drive and passion. Some people enjoy X, Y, Z. I personally enjoy the camaraderie with fellow outdoorsmen and women. I enjoy the stories and challenges. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in some situations to definitely get that adrenaline going. I’ve got a good friend of mine Slade Priest over in Mississippi with Trained Assassins TV. Check out our products on Trained Assassins this season coming up. Those guys have done some amazing work this year, harvesting some animals with our stuff. He took me one day and we went and hunted hogs with dogs and knives. What an adrenaline rush. For me, it’s pretty much, “This season’s ending. What is our next season?” “What can we go do?” It comes down to a good family and an understanding wife. That’s my key to 365-degree hunting.

What’s one thing you wished you could change from the last hunting season?

I could answer that question quickly for the last season. Luckily for me, this season has been off the charts. I was able to arrow the biggest deer that I had ever taken. My four and half-year-old son harvested his first deer with me sitting on my lap and my daughter harvested deer so I’m not sure. This year has been special.

That sounds pretty special to me.

I might have sent a few heat seekers downrange that didn’t connect. I might have made some wrong moves when I needed to make some right moves. The biggest I’ve done is I let a couple of deer go and in Kansas, that I probably should have taken a shot on. If that’s all I’ve got to gripe about, then that’s okay.

If you could do anything over again in the hunting career, what would it be?

If I had one more chance to do some, without a doubt it’d be taking my granddad hunting. There’s no doubt about that. Over again, probably in my youth, I might have been a little reckless, little sowing my wild oats. If that turkey was gobbling ten yards over on somebody else’s property, I might have walked over there to check it out and look but I was young and stupid. I wasn’t the kid that got in trouble a bunch because I was always in the outdoors. A testament to God, he’s always put me in good situations to learn. I don’t think if I could do anything again. I don’t know if I would do anything that I would change for sure. Even jumping with two feet off into this business here, running my other business and then doing this adventure, there’s not much that I would change. I’m a throttle down guy. I go forward and I don’t look back a lot for sure.

It has been a privilege to talk about Portland Outdoors, Top Secret and everything else you’ve got going on. You’re an amazing guy and I can’t see where all this leads to so we’re going to have to check, swing back around after next season and catch up with you.

Thank you so much for your time, Whitetail Rendezvous. This has been a lot of fun for sure and it’s an honor to jump on board with you. Anything we can do for you let us know. Let’s stay in touch and we’ll do another one.

Next up we’re heading out to Pennsylvania. We’re going to connect with a good friend of mine, Steve Rocco. Steve has been on the show before and he’s got it going on with filming and making a name for himself. You can find them on the Hunt Channel and on The Pursuit Channel and he’s got a company called Keystone Wild Outdoors TV. Steve loves to get after big bucks more than that, he loves the thrill of the hunt. As we all know, the harvest takes a matter of seconds, but it’s all the hunt. It’s travel. It’s the people getting set up, it’s listening to the owls or turkeys, and sunsets and sunrises. It’s all part of the hunt. He brings that out in his filming so he’s doing well.

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