# 513 The original Organic Meat – Venison Chef Derek St. Romain


Chef Derek St. Romaine
Venison its Organic

“I am Chef Derek St. Romain and my whole life is centered around Organic food….Venison. From writing recipes for North American Whitetail’s website, shooting recipe videos for Ingles Market to my past job at Duke Diet and Fitness Center everything I do is somehow related to food.

Which leads to my real passion—Backyard Bow Pro http://www.nohungrypeople.org/ and specifically Deer hunting to feed the needy.
Backyard Bow Pro Bowhunting for Hungry

Backyard Bow Pro is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that is working to build local networks of caring people then they work together to curb food insecurities. The statistics on hunger in America – maybe even in your own community – are staggering. But the statistics on the availability of a sustainable, renewable, natural protein resource – the whitetail deer – are also staggering. Did you know ONE deer could provide 200 healthy meals? Help us help others by Donating online today!

EVERYTHING I do relates to feeding people and true sustainability.
Whether it is holding meetings at the county Cooperative Extension offices or small dinner parties for my landowners and neighborhood associations I just love to please people with food.”

To learn more about Derek, follow him on Facebook at Buck Wild Foodie. https://www.facebook.com/ChefShoot2Grill/

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