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If you are in search of the secret blend of trace minerals and nutrients that is not only beneficial to game but also contains natural flavorings that draws big bucks to your site, Jack Hadley got you covered. Owner of Massive Mineral Mix, Jack tells us about the minerals that he uses to shoot good deer and how you can avail them. As he shares how he got started and the challenges he faced in building his business, learn the value of “woodmanship” that hunters lose track nowadays. Moreover, find out why inspiring young hunters to have a mindset of having fun in hunting versus setting massive expectations of harvesting every time is vital in the hunting community.

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Discover How Massive Mineral Grows Big Bucks with Jack Hadley

I’ve got Jack Hadley on. Jack is on Jack, welcome to the show.

Thank you. I’m glad to be here.

I heard about Jack from my good friend, Joseph Byler, who wrote Zombie Deer and the Brow Tine Buck. You can get it on Amazon. He was telling me about Jack and the minerals that he used to shoot some good deer in Michigan. Jack is from Michigan. I wanted to get him on the show to talk about his hunting tradition and talk about Massive Mineral. Jack, what got you into the mineral business?

Back in the year 2004, I was living in Marshall, Michigan. I had an offer to hunt a 220-acre farm. It was a pickle farm. I didn’t know that much about minerals or deer feed. I never did any of that stuff. I do spray foam insulation. I did a job for this guy. He was a dealer for this big company selling mineral and deer feed. I spent $500. I took it out to the farm. It’s the first time I used trail cameras. I dumped it down. I hung my camera. I hung my stand. I said, “Game on.” I came back in a couple of days and I was ready to go. I came back. It got daylight. I looked over where I dump these minerals. It was like a golf course, which looked like mold. It was green and clumpy. I was like, “That’s not right.” I walked down there. It was kicked around. It reminded me of anybody who spilled dog food outside. It got bloated. I was like, “I don’t know if that’s supposed to be right. I wouldn’t eat this if I was a deer.”

WTR Jack | Massive Mineral


I called the guy up. I said, “I’m not looking for my money back. What did I do wrong?” He goes, “It is what it is.” I go, “That’s not a good answer for me.” I called the manufacturer. They put me through seven different quality control guys. The last guy I was talking to was like, “It’s the dirt. It’s contaminated soil.” I said, “Why?” I don’t get it because on the back of the bag, it says, “Dump it on dirt. Mix it in.” He goes, “I don’t know what to tell you.” He didn’t want anything to do with me. He was very agitated that I was calling. I said, “I’m not looking for anything free. I’m looking for free advice. What did I do wrong?” He was very rude. I was getting to the point where I was like, “This is not going anywhere.” I remember saying to the guy, “I’m just going to make on my own deer mineral.” It was like you’re in a comedy club. This guy started laughing. He goes, “Good luck to you. If I had $1 for every time somebody said that, I’d be a millionaire.” I said, “We’ll end this conversation.” I hung the phone up.

I went back to my deer stand that night. The more I sat there, the madder I got, the more frustrated. I hung my bow up. I got my phone out. I started Googling stuff. I thought, “It can’t be that hard.” I had a buddy that worked at Michigan State. He was going to be a veterinarian. I said, “I got this idea.” He’s like, “Here we go again.” I said, “I’m going to bring this mineral up to you. I want you to sample it.” I sent him my first batch ever. He goes, “You want to tone it down a little bit. That will kill them.” I said, “Is it a little too much?” He was like, “A little too much zip.” I said, “Okay.” He’s like, “What are you trying to do?” I said, “I’m trying to molt a healthy deer herd but it has to have an attractant but grows bigger racks.” He’s like, “You’ve got everything but this.” I said, “What is it?” He told me. I sent it back to him. He’s like, “It’s good. You need to take it down to Whitesville Analytical Service. They need to run it down there to make sure it’s 100% legit.” I said, “Okay.”

I took a sample down there. He runs it. He’s like, “This is really good but you might want to tweak this.” The guy was helping me. He was nice. He’s like, “I like seeing people like you come in the door that have a passion and wanting to do good.” I said, “Cool.” That took a long time. I put it in little sandwich bags. I mailed it all over to my buddies in Georgia, Missouri, Ohio and Montana. I said, “Dump this down and tell me what it does.” I didn’t tell them what it was. Most people thought it was salt in a bag. I set it out. They’re like, “What is in it? Is it cocaine or something?” I said, “Why is that?” They go, “These deer are going crazy. They’re digging stuff up. They’re ramming each other. They’re fighting us.” I’m like, “I’m on to something.” I came back to Michigan. I took it back up to Michigan State. They analyzed it. They said okay, so I applied for my license, a patent pending, my sales tax and all the good stuff. I didn’t know how to market this stuff. I was a builder at the time. I was a spray foam guy.

My people were 95% hunters. I said, “I’ll put it in the back of my pickup.” I put it in the back of the pickup and go to a job site. People say, “What is it?” I started selling. I remember my first year. All I want to do was pay for a bear hunt in Canada. I want to earn $1,200. That was my goal. All of a sudden, it was quadruple that. I said, “I’m onto something. I’m a big shooter here.” I thought, “This is cool.” People started knowing me as the mineral man. I put stickers on my truck. I would go to the job site and I would have a brand-new spray foam trailer, lettered up to the hill. It’s a beautiful trailer, a full wrap. They go, “Nice deer sticker,” my mineral sticker. I’m like, “Didn’t you notice the trailer?” They’ll notice the minerals. That was a joke for a while. I remember doing a road trip, trying to sell this stuff. I was grassroots. I’d go into a sporting goods store. Most of the time, they told me to leave because they had 27 minerals on the market.

WTR Jack | Massive MineralI remember driving up to Iowa, Michigan. I was all the way up by the bridge. I gave this bucket, the sample, to this guy that owned the store. He’s like, “It’s like anything else.” His worker was standing there. His name was Dave Holcomb. Dave goes, “I’m going to dump it out.” He puts a trail camera down. A week later, they get all these bucks on it. Dave showed the owner, Dan, what these pictures were. He said, “Where are those deer?” He goes, “It’s right behind our shop. That’s that mineral that you didn’t want. That guy gave it to us. That’s a Massive Mineral Mix.” He goes, “Call him.” That was my first store. It was GoldStar Outdoors. He called me. He said, “How much for a pallet?” I was like, “$960.” He was like, “Bring me two.” I flew up there the next day. 27 days later, they sold out two full pallets. That’s 480 bags gone in Iowa County. I said, “What are you doing? Buy one and get one free.” He goes, “We can’t keep it on the shelves. I don’t know what it is. People are coming from all over.”

I started driving up this Michigan Route 66 and within a month, I had 27 stores. I was like, “I’m big time.” I was thinking I’m the big shooter. It grew to 41 stores. It grew to 47 stores. I get a letter in the mail from Tractor Supply Company. They said, “We’ve been hearing things about you. You sponsor in Jackson, Michigan. You buy some of your materials through us. Would you be interested in coming to our Open Buying Days located in Nashville, Tennessee?” I said, “Yeah.” I go down there. The whole hotels are rented. There are thousands of people there from all over the United States. There are 322 people there to sell deer mineral. I was like, “Why would they want mine?” You get a 30-minute interview with a buyer. At any given time, he can hit the gong button and you’re gone. We’re 40-some minutes into this conversation. He’s like, “Come back for round number two.” We came back for round two.

It was sad because logistics didn’t line up. We couldn’t figure out how to get that amount of volume from point A to point B and be profitable. Unfortunately, I turned that deal down and cater to the mom and pop stores, which had a great output and had a great ending. The mom and pop stores sold probably four times the amount that a big retail does. The reason why is you go into a large retail store and there are 40 bags of deer mineral. It’s overwhelming for a guy to come in and say, “What’s the best deer mineral?” How do you how unless you try them? The mom and pop stores would carry three brands. They would test them. They would say, “This is my preference.” In a small town in a small store, they’re not going to sell you stuff that doesn’t work or that’s bad because they’re liable. They’re like, “I put my reputation on the line for Jack at Massive Mineral Mix and now I can’t sell it.” I sat back and I thought, “I’m just going to sell in the small retail stores.” It went to 2,000 bags. These are 10-pound bags. It went to 4,000 bags, to 6,000 bags, to 8,000 bags.

Is it for a month?

WTR Jack | Massive Mineral


It’s for a year. I’m like, “We’re cooking.” We make it right here. We make it in-house. Every bag is touched and weighed. It’s a simple operation. People started talking about it. In Michigan Out Of Doors, Jimmy Gretzinger and Jordan Browne got ahold of me. I have never approached those guys at a hunting show. They always see me. He came up and said, “I like to have you on my show.” I said, “Okay.” They came out to the barn. We did an interview. They put me on a little ten-minute segment. That night when it aired at 9:20 or something, at 9:45, my cell phone was blowing up with orders all over the state. It was bags after bags. I thought, “This is great.” The State of Michigan came in and said, “Baiting is illegal in certain Counties.” They put a baiting ban on certain areas and so forth. It wasn’t illegal to sell. It was illegal to use.

Minerals aren’t baiting. There’s baiting and there are minerals as I understand it. Help my readers and me out. In some places, you cannot bait. In the same place, you can use minerals.

In the State of Michigan, they consider baiting as anything manmade, put down by a man. We did this big banquet at Jackson Jets, the college. We sponsor them. The DNR was there. I went up and asked him. I said, “Am I bating by dumping this down?” He said, “Yes.” They come back to it time and time again. If you use the plant in a food plot, once it grows and they eat it, it’s gone. They browse to the next. Michigan came in and put a complete baiting ban on the state. It started in 2019. Everybody says, “Jack, your sales are going to go down.”

They’re wrong. They went up because like anything else, if the state government is going to come in and tell me I can’t plow my driveway, you’re going to plow your driveway ten times. This has proven that this works. They’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with EHD. If you go into the DNR and look at how the definition of EHD, it’s more or less that they need vitamins and minerals. It’s a gray area. On the back of our bags, it has a big nice claimer that says, “Please consult with your local laws and games in that area to make sure it’s legal.” I don’t think the DNR knows which direction they’re going to go to.

WTR Jack | Massive MineralLet’s give a shout out for the Zombie Deer and the Brow Tine Buck. Joseph’s buck that he took, that he’d watched, he and his running mate, were healthy deer in an area that was decimated by EHD. The only thing they could figure out was because of Massive Mineral Mix, specifically, your product. Would another product with the same contents work to give them the things that they needed to combat the disease? That’s a question you and I can’t answer. I don’t know the information. It’s just for Joseph. It was one person, one place, one deer and that deer succeeded where hundreds other deer died.

It’s where Michigan got hit really hard. It was sad. I believe that the stronger, the healthier deer may eat it. That buck proves it. He goes to show that he dumped down all these minerals. I call them fufu minerals. I want to see what I’m buying. If I dump a mineral out and it’s jet black, that’s all dyed. It’s artificial. It’s going to bleed away in the first moisture or the rain. I want to know what is the nuts and bolts of a product and what makes it work. I left a clear window on the front and a big clear window on the back so I can show people, “This is salt but it has all these ingredients mixed in with it. This is what you need.” Those deer who were eating Massive Mineral, it boosted their immune systems but it was a year-round process to where that deer should have been floating in the river along with all the other ones but it made it. If I had to green score that buck, it’s in the high 160s but the body looked like a bodybuilder. I hear this all the time. These bucks and does get huge chests and gain a lot of weight. I shot a buck in Southern Ohio in Georgetown on the farm. I watched this guy like the brow tine buck. I watched him from a young buck. I harvest him at three and a half years old.

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Some people might say, “That’s not quality deer.” This buck got into three fights with bucks double his size and run them right out of the area. I knew he was the aggressor. When I shot this buck, the base of his horns was bigger than a twelve-ounce pop can diameter. When I brought him back, everybody thought he was a six and a half to seven-year-old buck. He was a three-and-a-half-year-old buck. Later that year, I shot a three-and-a-half-year-old buck in Michigan with no minerals. It looks like a tiny rack compared to that. That buck in Ohio was only as a seven-pointer. My buck in Michigan was a ten-pointer. It’s not even close to the rack size, body-wise, it’s nothing. Right there it proves it. It’s like an athlete. When you get Gatorade, your body’s depleted. You’ve got to get these vitamins and minerals back in your body and what better way than letting the deer? You get a healthy doe produce a healthy fawn and so forth down the line. It’s not all about buying 180-inch buck and letting them breed. It’s genetics. Those deer are like humans perform better.

How do people get ahold of you?

WTR Jack | Massive MineralWe’re on Facebook. Facebook will link it right to my phone. They can leave me a message. A lot of people call me. I have my phone. I use it all the time. One time, I had a call on a Sunday. His name was Rodney Parks. He lives way Upstate New York. He read about my product. He called me. He’s like, “You answered.” I said, “It’s Sunday. Can I help you?” We talked for 45 to 50 minutes on the phone. He goes, “Sign me up for a pallet.” I’m like, “You don’t even know me.” He goes, “How much for shipping, everything out the doors?” I give him a price. The next day, being Monday, he sends me a check. Since then, he’s probably bought twelve pallets from me. He can’t get enough of it. That opened that door up to people in Delaware and Maine that I have never sold to before. It’s buddies that he knows. He works on the pipeline. He would send these pictures of his family harvest a deer. We’ve never seen these deer on our farms. They can always get ahold of me through Facebook. My number is right under the website.

What’s your Facebook name?

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It’s Massive Mineral Mix. The website is They can go there to order. That will link us to our phones and so forth. There are a lot of videos on there and stuff. We try to spruce it up a little bit. We always do tutorials on how to dump it down and stuff that. We share a lot of pictures from our customers. A lot of people send them over. I always ask, “Can I share this video?” Michigan’s a competitive state. Somebody’s their neighbor and they’re like, “That’s the deer I was hunting.” We always ask to make sure. We never want to make anybody upset. I’m always available. I’ll even come out and walk in somebody’s land and say, “Here’s what I would do.” I’m not a whitetail expert. I don’t claim to shoot a 150-inch buck every year. If you ask me how many deer I shoot a year, it’s probably 50. That’s because I sell them the mineral and they send me back the pictures. That’s how I like it. I’m getting to be more of a land steward. I get more excited about going out planting, checking trail cameras and dumping mineral down versus pulling the trigger.

WTR Jack | Massive MineralIf you get on his website, you get on Facebook, we’re going to offer a Whitetail Rendezvous Special. If you use promo code, WR2019, Jack’s going to send out a free sample to you. You just have to pay the shipping and handling. How much is that? Is that a pound?

It should be five pounds.

It’s a five-pound sample of Massive Mineral Mix from Jack. He’ll send it out. How much is the shipping and handling typically?

It depends. I think it’s around $11 because of the weight. That’s the hard part about this. There’s no good way to ship it. We ship it right through the mail because it’s the cheapest way to ship it. You can ship up to 70 pounds for $13. If you buy five bags, I can ship it for $13. Other than that, if it’s a bulk quantity and you’re within driving distance, I drive to Missouri to meet people. It doesn’t matter to me. I can deliver it to you. If it’s big pallets or something, it has to go via truck lines like USF Holland.

There’s a deal from Whitetail Rendezvous. The promo code is WR2019 for a free five-pound sample of Massive Mineral Mix. What’s your hunting tradition, Jack?

WTR Jack | Massive MineralI was pretty much brought up in a hunting family. My dad had eleven people in his family. I had 26 cousins. We were mostly boys. My dad was a truck driver when I was growing up as a kid. He was gone all the time. We had 80-acre woods across where I grew up in Gregory, Michigan. The guy said, “You can do anything you want here. Do you want to hunt and trap?” I said, “I’m going to start trapping.” I was twelve years old. I had a moped, little Honda Spree. I loaded up my traps up. I would go around the neighborhood trapping. I put an article up in Tom’s Market. I said, “Do you want to get rid of those muskrats? Call Jack.” It’s for the ponds. They were $4 apiece. I’m 46 years old and raccoons are for $20. I started making some serious money trapping but I didn’t look at it as the dollar amount. I looked at it as I had the best bicycle in the block. I went somewhere as I had money in my pocket. I started teaching myself how to hunt because my dad was gone.

The guy out of town that owned a hardware store threw out a business. Jack Potts was his name. I come up and say, “Mr. Potts, can I buy a box of bullets? I only got $0.50.” He goes, “Make installments to me.” I had a Single Barrel 410. I’d go through a box of shells every day. He goes, “You’ve got to slow down out a little bit. You’ve got to pay me for the last ones.” I got into hunting that way. I got into rabbit dogs, coon dogs and deer hunting. It was so fascinating to chase them. I remember the excitement of seeing horns. I had a bow and arrow. I shot wooden arrows. It could be ten feet in front of me and I still miss. It was something that I could do by myself. I thought, “I’m out in the woods. This is cool.” I got a little better with the bow and arrow. I shot my first buck when I was thirteen or twelve. It was a little spike horn. It looked like a giant. I put all that time and effort into doing it. I thought, “This was a lot of fun.” It’s what it’s all about. It’s not about pulling the trigger or releasing the bow and arrow. It’s what it takes to get to that stuff. I started traveling all over.

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My dad retired from truck driving. He was a builder, which allowed us to take me to Colorado. We went out to Eagle, Colorado and hunted out there for elk. We went four trips out there and we had great success. I started traveling in Northeast Missouri hunting whitetails. When I started selling minerals, it allowed me to travel even farther. Somebody would call me in George and I’d be like, “I’ll come down. Is there any place to hunt?” They go, “I’ve got 500 acres.” I go, “I’ll see you in a few days.” The hunting came. It lured me in there. I didn’t care to go out and do the normal things like a lot of my buddies did. We all went to high school parties and stuff like that, but I never got into stuff that they did. I enjoyed it. I’d start a bonfire at nighttime and let my coon dogs run. That to me was peaceful. It’s something that I could give back. I always thought, “What can I do to give back or make something that I could leave a mark on?”

It has been the greatest thing that happened to me because I met so many great people and I see their families get more involved. They’re taking their kids out in the woods, throwing a football around, making them carry a bag of deer mineral and dumping it down. It’s like Christmas time when you go check their trail camera. In 2018, I think I hunted for three days but I was hunting with those people in their stand. They call me, “You’re not going to believe what happened.” I’m like, “Please share.” It’s for love of the outdoors. I never fished that much because I’m not patient enough to sit in a boat for that long. I like Western hunting, out west of Montana where you spot and stalk. I’ve been fortunate to go all over out west and hunt and harvest some amazing animals. It’s the journey that is most important to me to get there.

WTR Jack | Massive MineralThe second on the list is harvesting the animal, how much important that animal is and how to respect that animal. That’s where a lot of people lose track. Every year, November 14th, you can check my Facebook page. It will say, “People, please hunt. Save tomorrow, opening day, November 15th, the firearm season, but don’t worry so much about the size of the rack.” I get so tired of going to these hunting shows. People are like, “I don’t shoot anything unless it’s 150.” You must have a good farm in Michigan because anything over 130 usually gets shot. Forget about all the hype about the 180 class or whatever. It’s the memory. It’s what takes you to that step. How do you tell a twelve-year-old kid who sat in there for his first year, “Sorry, son. You can’t shoot that six-point. He’s only a 100-inch buck.” To him, that’s a 300-inch buck. Some people might disagree with me, but everybody shots small deer. I have. I choose not to anymore. That’s my practice. I haven’t shot a nice buck in the last couple of years. I’ve seen plenty of eight and ten pointers but I want to see where they can go. They’re not pressured where I’m at so I tell everybody, “Relax.”

Having so much pressure on these kids to harvest big animals, you’ve got to show these kids we’re their mentors. We’ve got to show them how to hunt safely and how to have a good time. I sell them Massive Mineral Mix. I met some great people all over the state. It’s nice to see them come back every year, the same people. They’re like, “Do you remember me?” I’m like, “Yes, I do. You live in Perry, Michigan,” and we know them. It’s not like we’re hiring somebody to represent us. We do a hunting show. It’s been a couple of years. Joseph would always help me. They’d see the same people. My wife, who knew nothing about hunting, outsold me in this hunting show. She was selling food plot seeds. I’m like, “You don’t even know what they are.” She’s like, “I read the back of the package.” She didn’t even know that it was a passion. It brings people together. It gets you out of the couch and out of the house and get you doing something right. That’s where we want to end up with this.

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I haven’t killed a buck in a number of years. Have I seen a lot of bucks? Yeah, last year. In one sitting, I had four bucks around me. The biggest was a ten-point. The other three were eight points. They weren’t twenty yards from me. I dedicated myself just to shoot does because we got way too many does. We counted on 500 acres over 200 does. One night, we went out to different fields. There are way too many deer. There are a lot of reasons for that. We have a big sanctuary near us. We have food. They’re going to come on to our farm to eat. They go back to the sanctuary so that they don’t get hunted unless they come on our farm.

The biggest mistake people are making is the pressure. If you feel you want to shoot mature bucks, and they’re four and a half years or older, then it’s a mature buck and the size of the rack doesn’t matter. In Ohio, it was a monster deer. In Michigan, the same deer, the same age class, was a lot smaller. There are a lot of reasons for that. I hope that we’ll start thinking about, “What are my goals? What are my plans? What am I going to try to do this hunting season? Am I going to try to enjoy it or am I going to have the pressure of, I got to be Joe because he always gets a 150 buck?” Maybe you say, “Joe, God bless you. You’re a better hunter than I am, but I’m going to go out and have fun anyway because Joe and I have a lot of fun. We’re going to enjoy the hunt.”

Within the industry, there’s so much competition that it spills over. People feel pressured, especially people that are sponsored, “I’ve got to get game on the ground. I’ve got to have pictures showing that XYZ gear or whatever works.” That’s what their sponsors expect. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot and a little bit for that, rather than saying, “I’m going to sponsor you because you’re a good hunter. You represent the qualities of hunting that we want.” It’s a slippery slope. I understand manufacturers, why they have certain expectations. If you’re listening to this and you’re a manufacturer, I get that because you want to sell your product. The hunters are the marketing arm of your company. You can advertise all you want. If you’ve got hunters with bucks down, with does down and with successful hunt stories, it’s proof that your product works.

It’s the pressure. I remember going to these hunting shows. I’d have Pro Staff team members walk up to me and I didn’t even know who they were. They’re like, “We’ve used your mineral. For $5,000, we can put you on the side of our trailer.” I was like, “Where did you buy my mineral at?” I knew every store. They’re like, “Over the internet.” I go, “I don’t think so.” They’re out there trying to get people to sponsor for sponsors. I thought, “Why don’t you buy a couple of my bags and try it? Maybe I’d do a Pro Staff price.” That’s why I do now. I don’t sponsor any team anymore unless it’s Pro Staff pricing. I want to make them work a little bit for it. I’m not going to hand them a bunch of minerals and let them dump down. You don’t hear much from them. It’s frustrating. You go to these hunting shows, “How fast do you need a bow and arrow?” People are losing the reason that’s called woodsmanship. They’re losing the reason to hunt. They’re losing the reason how to hunt. I can buy the best bow and arrow, the best camo gear, but you can’t teach me how to shoot that bow. You can’t teach me shoot ethics. You can’t teach me woodsmanship.

People need to step back. Just because they see it on TV doesn’t mean it’s the best product out there. If you have a budget of $300, there’s nothing wrong with a $300 bow and arrow. If you could only afford one bag of deer mineral, there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t put so much pressure on these young hunters to think they need to be the top of the line to enjoy something. My first camo was a black pair of Levi’s and a red plaid shirt that I used to put pine needles over. I thought that was awesome. I wear a black baseball hat. If it works for you, it works for you. You go to a garage sale, you find a bow and arrow and it works for you, enjoy it. Hunt with it. Have fun with it. The main thing is have fun. You don’t need to see a deer every time you go. Think of all the times that you see different wildlife. I was on an elk hunt in Colorado. I never saw elk for three days, but I saw some mule deer. I saw some black bears. I saw a mountain lion. That’s what I remember. I harvest elk all through that year, but I remember everything else, the camp stories, the fishing and stuff like that. That’s what people need to realize. Just lay off the pressure and have fun.

The best of my hunts in Michigan, my wife bought me an octagon deer blind. It has a deer in it. I go out there in my dress shoes. I hunt in my sweatshirt. I just sit there. Most of the time, I fall asleep. They probably walk right by me. I don’t even know. I’m out there enjoying it. I look out and I’m like, “There’s a Turkey. That’s cool.” You don’t have to squeeze the trigger every time. You don’t have to harvest something every time. I encourage people to take a daily log and write stuff down. Write your thoughts down about hunting and look back in twenty years. If you’re eighteen years old, look back and see how much you’ve learned. That’s huge. Joseph takes the cake on documenting and writing stuff down for the Brow Tine Buck and how many years it took to get there. He could’ve given up a long time ago and said, “I’m done with hunting.” After that near fatal accident out of a tree, as a climber, most guys would have given up. That’s scary stuff. The book talks about, “It’s here.” His excitement at a six-and-a-half-year-old buck was probably like hitting lotto for some people. That’s his passion. There will never be another more passionate person than him and his book says it right there.

We’re talking about Zombie Deer and the Brow Tine Buck by Joseph Byler. You can get that on Amazon. Joseph is a friend. I’m trying to motivate him to write about him almost dying. It’s a great story. If you check his episode on the Whitetail Rendezvous, you can read a part of that story. 

Did he tell you what prompted him to write this book? Did he tell you the facts behind it? My wife, for two years, said, “We just want you to write a very short story on Massive Mineral Mix Facebook page, a little four liner that talks about your success.” Two years later, he was like, “I’m finished.” I said, “That was awesome. It took you that long to write four lines.” He’s like, “I wrote a book.” I’m like, “You really outdone yourself on that one.” He writes his book. His family is good authors and everything. Everybody I’ve talked to about that book that he wrote said, “It’s very easy to understand and read.”

It’s a one-sit read. Here’s an idea. We’ll have to talk to Joseph. If somebody orders X number of bags of Massive Mineral Mix, they can get one of Joseph’s books. We also should talk about that. Whatever that number is, he gets paid for the book and you get paid. It works for everybody. Everybody should read that because it’s a story that needs to be told. It’s about dedication, persistence, the things you’re talking about and how he found a small sanctuary. Basically, if you find his house, it’s five acres or so. Coming out of a swamp, that’s where the Massive Mineral Mix was and he patterned them and he got them.

That’s a good thing about this mineral mix. In Michigan, lands are expensive anywhere you go. In Michigan, a lot of people don’t have the ability to buy 80 or 100-acre partial. My biggest bucks have been killed or harvested off five or ten acres. It’s something that you can pattern these deer. You don’t need a 500-acre piece of property to make mineral or hunt. Hunt with what you have. A lot of my guys, when it was legal, were using that in state land Michigan. They said they liked it because, once it disappeared, it looked like a squirrel dug a hole. Most hunters would walk right by it. They would hang their stand. They knew where their mineral station was. It’s helped a lot of people in the Waterloo area in Michigan harvest deer. That’s been a cool thing. Do with what you have. If you only have a small spot of land, make that ten acres shine like 100 acres. That’s all you can do, just have a good time.

I’ve enjoyed this time, Jack. We’ll be talking more because I’ve got a bunch of people that need to get some of those samples. We’re going to end this with Jack Hadley of Massive Mineral Mix. Thanks so much, Jack.

Thank you very much.

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About Jack Hadley Jr.

WTR Jack | Massive MineralHello, my name is Jack Hadley Jr. I’m 45 years old. I have been in Hunter in a trapper since I was a young age of 12. I started this business in 2004. I have tried every mineral known to man and most of them have failed and had no results. Their customer service skills were terrible when you called and ask a question.

When I started this company, I wanted to make sure that I was available to answer any questions about the product that a customer may have. Along this journey, we have made many great friends.

I have sold my mineral all over the Midwest Georgia do you work in many other states as well. I enjoy seeing photos and harvest pictures from people that use my products. I also believe that the best way is to promote a healthy dear. This product has less sodium than anyone else on the market. It has a better attractant and the deer will hit this product you’re around.

We make this product in our barn which is state and license inspected. Along this way, I’ve had a great chance of meeting a lot of nice people and hunting their farms. Are used to do a lot of hunting chores but now I have a Knouff retailers that I do not need to do the hunting chores. We sell quite a few bags on the Internet as well. When I met Joseph Byler that was a true test of time because he tested that product against many others as well.

He has great documentation photos and kill shots of the deer that he’s watched. As honey and gets tougher and tougher you need to have an edge to stay above everyone else. So providing a quality mineral is something that I provide to the outdoors person. It’s much more than I dear attractive. It’s getting together as a family going out and enjoying the outdoors dumping down the mineral checking trail cameras and get exciting about hunting season. I always tell everybody it’s not the size of the rack is the members of the hunt.

My wife and I also own a spray foam insulation company. My wife is a great entrepreneur that owns three businesses as well. We strive for a 100% customer service at all times. That’s why you can get a hold of me on my direct cell phone at any time. I hope this is a good start for the bio and look forward to doing the interview this evening. Thank you.