Extreme Huntress 2 – Finalist Jamie Belknap

Welcome to a special episode of Whitetail Rendezvous. This is your host and executive producer of Whitetail Rendezvous, Bruce Hutcheon. And I’m traveling out to Spokane, Washington and I’m talking to Jamie Belknap. Now Jamie is a finalist in Extreme Huntress. Jamie, welcome to your special show.

Hi. This is so exciting.

And Jamie just got off of work, so she’s all wound up, folks. But that’s a good thing because it takes enthusiasm to be a great hunter, and no doubt Jamie fits that bill to a tee. Jamie, let’s just talk about why you’re a finalist in Extreme Huntress.

So I am a finalist in Extreme Huntress for the second year in a row. I was a finalist last year and I didn’t do as good as I wanted to, I didn’t do as good as I thought I would. I had some personal things going on back home, I was six months away from getting a divorce. So I decided, “You know what? I deserve to do it again for myself.” So after a long, hard…a long time thinking and saying, “Well, should I apply again?” I was talked into it by myself honestly and I’m like, “You know what? I deserve to do this for myself.” So I applied again as Jamie Belknap, that’s my maiden name, and gave myself the second chance that I didn’t think would ever come on again.

Extreme Huntress 2 – Finalist Jamie Belknap

So I applied again this year and I’m so thankful I did because I was able to meet three amazing women from all around the world and show the Extreme Huntress what I really was capable of, because the first year I didn’t think I did my best. So that’s why I applied the second year in a row. But it was awesome and I can’t wait for the episodes, all the episodes, to air.

Now where are they airing?

The episodes are airing right now on Facebook and they are on Extreme Huntress’ website, on Roku and Amazon Fire.

So, folks, just go to, what, www.extremehuntress.com?

Yeah, www.extremehuntress.com, or I have a Facebook page that’s Jamie Belknap Extreme Huntress 2019. https://www.extremehuntress.com/main/jamie-belknap-washington/ And then Extreme Huntress has been sharing all the episodes on their Facebook, they’re about 15 minutes long and they air every Sunday.

Tell us about the experience down in Texas. What ranch was that, again?

So we started out at the FTW Ranch, where we have SAAM training for the first three days. And then we went to a privately owned whitetail ranch for the remaining days of the week. And it was pretty awesome. At the FTW Ranch where we had the SAAM training we got the opportunity to be trained by world-known, amazing military sniper trainers and the things that they taught us made me…honestly I can say they made me a better shot. And I didn’t know that you’re supposed to do some of the things that they told us to do and I’ve honestly never had a professional sniper stand over me and say, “Hey, this is how you do it correctly.”

So that was probably my biggest takeaway from that entire trip, was learning how to shoot long range with a long-range scope and knowing how to use the turrets. Because when I go to the range, it’s I’m basically shooting either my scope or my friends’ scopes that they’re dialing in the MOA, they’re not telling me how to do it. I didn’t even know what MOA meant until I went to the SAAM training. So now that I know what “minute of angle” means and how to dial in the scope and how to shoot long range properly, I don’t think that anything can stop me.

I don’t think anything can stop you either, you’re just a joy to interview with. Let’s take three top takeaways that you learned about shooting from your training.

I had from my shooting was not to be a…well, they call it a “booger flicker

So the number one takeaway I had from my shooting was not to be a…well, they call it a “booger flicker.” And so what it is is with my trigger I wasn’t…I was breathing, but I wasn’t holding my finger still on the trigger. So it was like, “One, two, three, okay, shoot,” versus take a breath and slowly squeeze rather than moving my finger. So that helped me with my control a lot. And that was hard for me at first because I also am an archery hunter, and so I’m so used to pulling through my shot with my release. So when I’m laying there and I have the trigger, my finger is able to move. So that was my number one biggest takeaway, was trigger control.

My second one was, they call it, building a house. So you have the gun completely stable beneath you. They gave us these gloves to wear, I don’t remember the exact term of the glove, and to hold underneath the stock. So your hand is generally on your shoulder and you have absolute complete control of the rifle.

And my third takeaway was learning how to use the turret system on a long-distance rifle, because that was something that I had always wanted to learn.

Heck of a deal.

Heck of a deal. Look at that.

Who would have thought? Who would have known?

Who would have known that you’re not supposed to flick your boogers?

I won’t name that…I won’t entitle your show “Don’t Flick Your Boogers,” but I think that kind of cute.

The only people that would understand that are the trainers at the SAAM training.

That’s great. You know, you talk about the hunting tradition, and yours is rich because in your bio you nail it right from the get-go. So let’s talk about Jamie Belknap’s hunting tradition.

I did not get into hunting, I was born into it

So what you’re speaking of in the bio is when I said I was not…I did not get into hunting, I was born into it. And I’ve been saying that for years,  so deep in my heart. Because I learned how to read reading the hunter ed books, I got my hunting license when I was eight, I was every night watching hunting shows with my family. And when my other…when my friend were going on family trips, they were going to Disneyland and I was going to Africa, or they were going to California and I was going to Wyoming to go antelope hunting. It was something that I did and it wasn’t…I didn’t even think twice of it. I didn’t know why none of my other friends were going hunting, I didn’t know why my friends didn’t know what a bear tasted like, because that’s just what I…how my brother and I grew up.

And I will never forget, my grandfather and I were extremely close, I was the only female Belknap. But when my grandpa died, the last thing he said to me is, “Don’t ever let a man outshoot you.” And I’ve never forgotten that and that was 10 years ago. So for me getting my friends involved in hunting so they can understand why I’m never home on the weekends from September to February, why I’m always gone. And I want to be able to share these experiences with them so they can carry on the tradition and maybe hopefully raise their children the same way that I was raised.

If somebody wants to vote for Jamie Belknap, how do they do that?

So if you guys want to vote for me for Extreme Huntress, head to extremehuntress.com and there is a 2019 vote tab in the top right corner. And scroll down, find my name, click for me, if you want. I mean the other girls are awesome, you can vote for them, too, but I’m asking you right now to vote for me. And then you type in your e-mail and you will get an e-mail from polldaddy.com. So once you get the vote from polldaddy.com, you must confirm it. Because there’s up to 600 votes that have not been confirmed yet, so they did not count. Or if you follow me on Instagram, the link is in my bio.

So I walk up to you and I say, “Hey, you’re Jamie Belknap.” We meet in the airport and we’re traveling, hunting someplace. And I go, “You’re Jamie Belknap, I heard you’re a finalist in the Extreme Huntress.”

That would be awesome.

Why should I vote for you?

I will be a positive advocate for hunting

You should vote for me because I feel like even once this competition is over I will still be a positive advocate for hunting. And not only just female hunting, but hunting in general. And being able to get other people involved is really important to me. So if you vote for me, you will help me be a positive light in the hunting industry. Because right now there’s so much negativity and there’s so much wrong going on. So that’s my job, and the other finalists for Extreme Huntress, to make sure that we have a positive light and a good intent for what hunting actually is.

Because you’re an ambassador for hunting for a whole year, is that correct?

Yes. And even if I don’t win Extreme Huntress, I will continue to be. Because I didn’t win last year.

Again, how does somebody vote for Jamie Belknap?

Head to https://www.extremehuntress.com/main/, there is a 2019 voting tab in the top right corner. And you can click my name and vote for me, and then type in your e-mail and you will get a vote…or an e-mail from polldaddy.com to confirm your vote.

Folks, it’s that simple. And where on social media can they find Extreme Huntress?

Extreme Huntress is all over Facebook right now. It’s on the Extreme Huntress Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/extremehuntress/, my page, all the other girls’ pages. And we also have an Instagram page, so Extreme Huntress Official is their Instagram page, and then I’m all over Instagram with the Extreme Huntress journey.

 So let’s wrap up. You got three minutes to let people know, again, about the heart and soul and the passion you have for hunting.

I’m actually also a board member for Northwest Sportsmans Club

So aside from Extreme Huntress I’m actually also a board member for Northwest Sportsmans Club, which is a nonprofit organization we started here in town. And we do free hunter education, and disabled shoots and hunts, and getting the community involved with the hunting and fishing. And what I do for the club is I am the chairman for our track chair campaign. And the last three years at our annual banquet we raised over $20,000 to give away a wheelchair with snowmobile tracks from TracFab to be able to get somebody back out in the woods doing what we all love. And last year we were actually able to give away two. So this year we’re hoping to give away three track chairs.

So aside from Extreme Huntress, and aside from me teaching first grade and getting my friends involved in hunting, I’m also very big in the community here in Spokane with getting other women, youth, disabled hunters, everybody in the community, to get them into hunting. So it is my duty every morning when I wake up in the morning to be a positive advocate for not only female hunters, but youth hunters, disabled hunters, and hunting as a whole, so something I’m extremely passionate about.

And with that, folks, we’re going to say thank you, Jamie Belknap, for representing women across the globe and being a finalist in Extreme Huntress 2019.

Thank you.

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