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WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant Director


The University of Montevallo has been offering outdoor scholars program, and they have grown from 8 to 48 students after completing its fourth year. This program is one of a kind as it provides students an opportunity to learn about careers in the outdoor industry while they’re getting a college education. William Crawford, Director of Outdoor Scholars Program, talks about the job opportunity for the Assistant Director position of the outdoor scholars’ program. William says they are looking for someone who can help them as they continue to move forward and grow with their vision. Are you the one they’ve been looking for?

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Job Posting Assistant Dir Presidents Outdoors Scholars Program with William Crawford

I’m reaching out to a good friend, William Crawford. He is the Director at the University of Montevallo President’s Outdoor Scholars Program. Mr. Crawford is going to tell us all about that. The university is in Montevallo, Alabama, which is South Southeast of Birmingham. Mr. Crawford, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me, Bruce.

It’s always a pleasure to get with you. When I first heard about your Outdoor Scholars Program, it’s something that I look forward to getting involved as we grow with Whitetail Rendezvous. I want to come down on site, talk to the kids and share some of my new course that I’m finishing right up with Deer Hunting Institute. I have created an institute about deer hunting. I got some curriculum I like to share with them. This show is about you, about what you need, and about why somebody should even consider applying for the assistant directorship.


WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant Director


To give a recap, I know it’s been a couple of years since we’ve done an interview on our program and such. The Outdoor Scholars Program here at the University of Montevallo completed its fourth year. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in business for that long. To see the growth of our program and what’s taken place over the last couple of years is amazing. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Outdoor Scholars Program, it is a program that is unique. It’s one of a kind. No other institution in the country offers anything like this. It’s a program that offers students an opportunity to learn about careers in the outdoor industry while also keeping them involved in the outdoors while they’re getting a college education.

Many young people, if they go off to college, they are disconnected from the outdoors. They may not ever come back to it especially in this time where we’re needing more and more participation with young people. This is a program that definitely keeps them involved and plugged in. Taking it to the next level, educating them on these career opportunities and offering them opportunities will help the outdoor industry in the long run, fill positions that are much needed and things that this industry is looking for. For example, what people don’t think about when it comes to the outdoor industry is they forget that it’s a business. There’s a huge business side to it. A lot of times when students go off to school or they think about getting a career in the outdoors, they think about sciences, biologies, wildlife management, and things of that nature.

There’s a whole another component to this outdoor industry. That’s what we’re trying to tap into. When we started the program a few years ago, we only had eight students in the program. It was a vision of mine and our University President, who is an avid outdoorsman, to grow this program, to attract some of the best minds, outdoorsmen and women across the country, develop internships, and have great job placement. We’re starting to see all of those things take place as we have finish year four. We had 48 students in the program. We’re projecting around 60 students. We currently have students from six different states in the program and we’re even adding two more states to that. We’re definitely gaining traction from that.

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Now that we’re starting to have students to graduate, we have two students that have internships that we are working towards. One is with Buckmasters that’s located here in Montgomery, Alabama and then another one of our students is working with Realtree over in Georgia. They are two very familiar names in the outdoor industry. We’re glad that these students have the opportunity to go work with these companies and help them out. Who knows what may happen on the backside when it comes to job placement. I feel like that we’re in the right direction as far as that goes.

WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant DirectorThat leads to what we’ve talked about here lately. We need some help as this program grows. We have listed a new position for our program, the assistant director position of the Outdoor Scholars Program. It’s someone that can come in here and help us grow and continue to move forward with what we’re doing. What we’re looking for is either one of several ways. We’re looking for someone that is an avid outdoorsman, somebody that loves the outdoors and loves being around young people, somebody that will be able to help mold these people as they move forward and find careers that they’re looking for. We’re also looking for somebody that possibly has some experience in the videography world. That’s part of the industry that’s growing and taking off when you talk about social media, video content, and short videos. Things that can be streamed or something like Instagram TV or YouTube.

Something that the industry is struggling very significantly with is trying to find people with those skill sets that are outdoorsmen. Somebody like that that could add a lot to our program. Also, someone that would be good at communicating with not only the families of our prospective students, but also some of our sponsors and donors. Somebody that can help us continue to grow with what were we’re doing. As I tell people that I’ve talked to, you’ve got to be an avid outdoorsman and you love the outdoors because that’s where we’re at, day-in and day-out. We also have to have somebody that is all about helping these students grow in what they’re doing and help our program grow. The future is very bright for what’s going on here at the University of Montevallo.

How would somebody get ahold of you or find the application online? Give me some details.

The online job posting can be found online at You can Google search University of Montevallo and find it that way. They can send me a direct email at You can also find my contact information on our website, which is Feel free to call or email any questions that someone may have. This is a great opportunity for somebody that maybe is looking for an opportunity to get into the industry themselves. We have many connections throughout the industry. Any position can be used as a stepping stone. If somebody could come in here and give us a good three to five years and then find another job somewhere else that maybe move them up into the next level of the industry, that’s what it’s about. It’s about bettering yourself. That’s what we try to teach our students and anybody that we come in contact with.

WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant DirectorThis is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and be a part of a great program and what goes on here at the University of Montevallo. We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for the direction and leadership of our university President, Dr. John Stewart. He’s an avid outdoorsman. He’s down in the Bahamas fishing on his annual trips. This is the first year in three years that myself and a couple of students didn’t join him because we have some other trips lined up here in the near future. He loves the outdoors. He knows that programs like this can help a student, whether it be in the classroom or get where they want to be career-wise. It’s great to have someone like him tied to our program for sure.

People asked me all the time, “How do I get in the industry? How did you get in the industry? Where do you see the industry going?” All those things. I’ve known Mr. Crawford since POMA. We met at a POMA: Professional Outdoor Media Association. He’s been in his role for many years and Whitetail Rendezvous has been rolling for many years. You got to start someplace. That’s the opportunity I see because the University of Montevallo is known in the industry for what they’re doing and a lot of companies know who they are. A lot of people donate to them and their sponsors and the list goes on and on. It’s a proving point for somebody to say, “There’s a great place for me to teach some people and learn a lot of skills that I wouldn’t have anyway.” For a long time, it’s been Mr. Crawford. That was it. William has been doing the whole thing and he needs help. That would put you right in the limelight. You’re going to be talking to the people that are running these outdoor companies.

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What we’re looking for, as I told Dr. Stewart, is a mini-me, a version of me, because this position is going to have the same responsibilities and the same rewards. The layout of our year is we go on different hunting and fishing trips with our students throughout the course of the year. On the books for this upcoming year, we’re going to Wyoming for antelope hunt. We’re going to red fishing in Venice, peacock bass fishing down in South Florida. We’ll go on several duck hunts and turkey hunts across the Southeast. Those are fun and rewarding things that we do. There’s also a lot of work involved. We have a guest speaker series. We bring in about fifteen different people throughout the industry every year to talk with students on what they do, how they got there, and how a young person can get there. It was very informative from that regard.

We also do conservation projects. We have a university lake here that we’ve been working on for several years now. We’re helping to make that place a better fishery. We have 190 acres of timberland five minutes from campus. It’s like our outdoor playground. We get to hunt on there. We also do conservation projects and talk about timber growth. We do deer population studies every year out there. We’re very hands-on in what we do and not to mention community service project. Something that we always try to do is give back to our community and the outdoors. There’s a lot that goes on through the course of the year. Young people need guidance and mentors. That’s what this is. It’s honing their skills.

WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant DirectorNot all of our students have grown up in the outdoors. We get some newbies out there that are interested and want to learn more. That’s more rewarding for me, being able to teach and introduce them to things that they’re not used to or are brought up doing. It’s a very rewarding job on multiple levels, but it’s your foot in the door and being able to meet and talk with people. Whether you’ve seen them on social media, on TV or videos throughout the years, it’s getting a firsthand look at meeting these people and seeing how this industry works.

One more time, tell our audience how they can reach out and get ahold of you or get the application for the assistant director position.

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The easiest way to get in contact with me is probably to check out our website, All of our contact information is on there. We are on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can look us up, Outdoor Scholars Program, direct message us. If you want to look at the job posting, it can be found at

Anything else to say to wrap this up?

WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant DirectorIt’s always good catching up with you, Bruce. I know we’ve been able to stay in contact via phone and email for the last few years. Thank you for all that you do in helping to promote our program. We’re working on our big project, it’s Season Two of Outdoor Scholars TV. When we travel around and go on all these hunting and fishing trips with these students, we’ve had cameras rolling now for the last few years. It’s fun to watch these students film and lay down some content throughout the course of the year. Season One is out on our YouTube Channel, Outdoor Scholars TV. It can be seen. All ten episodes are there. It’s cool to go back and watch these footages and see how much these students have grown in their skill set. Outdoor Scholars TV, Season Two will be released on the 1st of July. We’re excited about that coming to the table.

I know you represent Dr. Stewart so well. It’s fun watching you grow too and what you’ve been able to do in helping the kids. I know that’s in your heart. I know what you want to do is to see these kids come onboard and learn the outdoors. Not only the outdoors skill sets and the woodsman craft and everything but the business in outdoors because ATA alone has $37 billion. That’s the Archery Trade Association. We have a lot of different components in the outdoor industry and it’s a multibillion-dollar industry. It’s a very small industry and that’s what you have to remember. It’s a small industry and the old adage, “Who you know makes a huge difference” because there are so many people knocking on doors, calling, and trying to get hold of this guy and that guy. Most of these companies are small. There are some big ones like Bill Jordan’s Realtree. Most companies aren’t that size, but they’ve got great products. They are in the industry. They are all part of it. Check out the University of Montevallo and apply. All you can do is if somebody says no but will give you some experience and you’ll say, “That was interesting. Maybe I should find out more about it.”

WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant DirectorI’ve had quite a few people call over since we’ve posted this job. The first question is, “Do you have anybody in mind?” The answer is no. It’s all open. It’s on the table. I’m looking for the best person to come in here to help us grow this program. It doesn’t matter if they’re from here in Alabama or from your way out in Colorado. Everybody’s got a fair share at this and I’m excited to see what may happen as we go through this process.

Guys and gals, it’s completely open.

Out of all of the students that we have through our program, we have somewhere around ten females that are in the program. It’s wide open for male or female.

With that, we’re going to end this special nonprofit episode for Whitetail Rendezvous. Mr. William Crawford, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Look on social media, President’s Outdoor Scholars Program, and check it out. Any inkling at all, apply.

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WTR Crawford | Job Hiring For Assistant DirectorAlabama Wildlife Federation 2017 Governor’s Conservation Achievement Award CONSERVATION EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR The University of Montevallo President’s Outdoor Scholars Program was recently awarded the Conservation Educator of the Year Award at the 2017 Alabama Wildlife Federation Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards banquet.

The Alabama Wildlife Federation (AWF) held the banquet, co-sponsored by Alabama Power Company and PowerSouth Energy on Friday, Aug. 4, 2017, at The Marriott Legends at Capitol Hill in Prattville. Governor Kay Ivey provided opening remarks and assisted with the presentation of the awards. The AWF Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards (GCAA) are the most respected conservation honors in the state of Alabama.

Over the past 40 years, AWF has presented these awards to individuals and organizations that make great contributions to the conservation of Alabama’s wildlife and related natural resources. Established in 2015, The President’s Outdoor Scholars Program at the University of Montevallo is unique to Alabama and focuses on students who are good stewards of our natural resources, while promoting promising careers associated with the outdoors and our natural resources.

The innovative program provides opportunities and encourages students to take part in hands-on hunting, angling, and a wide variety of outdoor activities as part of their education. Through their first-hand interactions, the programs aim to ensure future leaders share the same conservation message. The President’s Outdoor Scholars Program also allows students to participate in outdoor-related seminars on management, marketing, game and fish laws, as well as the new Game Check system.

In their second year, the program provided 22 students with more than $43,000 in scholarships and other related learning opportunities. This fiscal year, the number of students involved in the program has almost doubled. The program is reaching new heights while providing assistance to students with a passion for the outdoors and a commitment to conservation.