Whitetail Rendezvous vision is to educate, collaborate and communicate with whitetail hunters. Hear the story behind the hunting strategy. Learn to hunt whitetail deer from the experts. They will share about food plots, herd management and hunting mature whitetails. Hear about the equipment they use in the field to increase their success. No matter if you’re a DIY hunter or hunt with outfitters, use a bow, a crossbow, a rifle or a muzzleloader Whitetail Rendezvous brings the best in class equipment, camo and gear to the podcast. Our guests talk about hunting white-tail deer, the lessons learned, tips and techniques, and campfire stories about the traditions of hunt, women in the outdoors and hear the story behind their strategy. Listen, Learn, Succeed – Join Whitetail Rendezvous host Bruce Hutcheon as he interviews guests from all walks of life across North America.


Recent Episodes

WTR Greg | Wild Awakening
  Hunting is a relatively safe activity, until you come face to face with a grizzly. Avid hunter and outdoorsman Greg Matthews barely survived a near-fatal grizzly attack when he was out on an idyllic hunting trip through the backwoods of Alaska with his brother. Greg recounts the harrowing attack and how he thought that he would die out in the Alaskan wilderness. He shares the terrifying moment when the hunter becomes the one hunted, and how
WTR Infalt 3 | Hunting Passion
  Oftentimes, we believe that what is fun for us is also exciting for others. However, that is not always the case, especially with hunting. While you may have a hunting passion and many may appreciate it, there is always a negative aspect that buds from it and that involves losing time with the people you love most. Old-school hunter Dan Infalt shares his story of hunting every season for the past couple of decades.
WTR Cliff | Free To Dream
  Life may not be fair to you, but you can always do something to make it better. In this episode, business mentor and life coach Cliff Ravenscraft shares his insights on why there may be a disconnect in your life that keeps you from fulfilling your dream. Overcoming the gap between where you are and where you want to be, Cliff talks about changing your personal blueprint according to your life conditions where you
WTR Infalt 2 | Being A Hunter
  Today’s multi-billion dollar whitetail industry has created a sense of having to have product X to be a successful hunter. Dan Infalt who runs The Hunting Beast forum is back to share his thoughts on hunting shows that are scripted and produced mainly for outdoor marketing campaigns. Laying down what it does to the hunting community, he talks about how it sets unrealistic expectations on what it means to become a hunter. Dan then
WTR Infalt | Mental Confidence
  Everything starts in the mind. Thus, mental confidence is a massive thing when it comes to deer hunting. Dan Infalt, an old school hunter who runs a website forum called The Hunting Beast, gets into the mental confidence that reflects in the attitude of the hunter. Dan reveals that hard work combined with the commitment to hunt is the vital secret to his success as a DIY public land deer hunter. He shares how
WTR Blaine | Hunt Of A Lifetime
  Hunting is not just fun but it can also be therapeutic. Professional hunters Blaine Bergin and Craig Ellenbolt share why hunting can be very helpful for children especially those who are terminally ill. Both men are volunteers of Hunt of a Lifetime, a nonprofit organization with a mission to grant hunting and fishing dreams for children age 21 and under who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities. As Blaine and Craig share some
WTR Smith | Traditional Archery
  In today’s time, many people still value the idea of archery because it appeals to romance. Owner of Big Stick Archery, Bob Smith gives insights on why traditional archery is still relevant in the marketplace these days. Bob has been creating works of art for over ten years for the traditional archery hunter, and his craft is well-known in the traditional archery circles as his orders continue to flow. A full-time bowyer known for
WTR DRock | East Coast Bowhunting
  The US is a haven for deer hunters with different states providing different excitement. DRock Clarke, host of East Coast Bowhunting, shares his love for hunting that goes back to generations in Mexico and what he and his grandfather hunt when he was young. He recounts how he was introduced to the whitetail world, how he became obsessed with it, and how he ventured into podcasting with the aim to help others become better
WTR Tyler | HIIT Outdoors
  Every hunter has their principles before they brave the woods and set to shoot. Founder of HIIT Team Outdoors, Tyler Skowronski is breaks down what HIIT stands for and why it is crucial for every hunter. A believer that hunting molds anyone as a person, find out how he shares his outdoor experiences while promoting the ethical enjoyment of the outdoors. Moreover, catch Tyler’s first bow-hunting experience and public land hunting in New York