Whitetail Rendezvous vision is to educate, collaborate and communicate with whitetail hunters. Hear the story behind the hunting strategy. Learn to hunt whitetail deer from the experts. They will share about food plots, herd management and hunting mature whitetails. Hear about the equipment they use in the field to increase their success. No matter if you’re a DIY hunter or hunt with outfitters, use a bow, a crossbow, a rifle or a muzzleloader Whitetail Rendezvous brings the best in class equipment, camo and gear to the podcast. Our guests talk about hunting white-tail deer, the lessons learned, tips and techniques, and campfire stories about the traditions of hunt, women in the outdoors and hear the story behind their strategy. Listen, Learn, Succeed – Join Whitetail Rendezvous host Bruce Hutcheon as he interviews guests from all walks of life across North America.


Recent Episodes

WTR Dianna | The DC Project
  Women are the fastest growing segment in the hunting community with a growth of over 10% a year. However, the firearms industry space has become challenged especially in today’s society with social media censorship and organizations like Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action. In this episode, Dianna Muller from The DC Project joins us to talk about their organization and the important things that everybody listening to the show needs to know about
WTR Andrew | Young People Enjoy Hunting
  In this Internet age, can young people still find the time to go and enjoy hunting and the outdoors? For today’s episode, Andrew Johnson of Small Town Hunters proves that not everyone is a slave to their gadgets. He opens up how his grandpa sparked his and his cousins’ interest in the outdoors and how they continue to enjoy it as a band of cousins. Andrew also talks about the excitement of hunting from
WTR Vance | Bucks Of America Podcast
  Laws are put in place to ensure equality and fairness, amongst other things, in whatever industry you may be. Familiarizing yourself with the different hunting laws during different seasons and in different states can improve the totality of your hunting experience. Creator of Bucks of America Podcast, Jeff Vance raises awareness on the possible repercussions of getting caught hunting using illegal methods, not only for yourself but the people around you. He also talks
WTR 1129 | Habitat Improvement Planning
  When hunting is mentioned, people usually think of having your boots on the ground looking for game right away. What most don’t realize is that there are tons of hours put into preparation, structuring, planning, and engineering a hunt before you can even think of going out the door. Armed with his vast experience in engineering and construction, along with his deep passion for hunting, Sam Bilhorn talks about one of the most important
WTR Lauer | Hunt Of A Lifetime
  Hunt Of A Lifetime is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grant hunting and fishing dreams for children age 21 and under who have been diagnosed with life threatening-illnesses. In this episode, we have committee member Vicky Lauer and volunteer Dan Hughes who share their journey with the organization. Vicky shares the beauty of what they do for these kids and invites anyone interested to contribute to their amazing cause. She notes how
WTR Martonik | Lessons From Hunting Podcast
  Hunting is not just about the trophy. It is about the lessons and methods that you learn throughout the experience and adventure. East Meets West Outdoors is a company built for the Eastern hunter, outdoorsman, and conservationist that looks for adventure. Its founder, Beau Martonik, tells you about the company’s podcast and shares some of the things he has learned from interviewing great people on his program. He breaks down the belief that hunting
WTR Sallie | Bow Hunting
  Sallie Doty is a competitor, be it in the pool, in the professional asset management arena, or in the field. She commits herself to preparation to all her endeavors. She loves the challenge of bow hunting and looks forward to each season with great anticipation. She is also a giver and a bow hunting instructor for the State of South Dakota. She loves to see the smile on her students’ face when they get
WTR 0815 | Own The Season TV
  On today’s episode, Art Helin shares the mission of Own The Season TV, which is educating all hunters that are willing to learn. Art’s hunting success and passion for teaching others has led to his pro/field staffer positions for Realtree, New Archery Products, Knight & Hale, Moultrie, and Vortex. In this episode, he talks about public land scouting, the importance of topo maps when harvesting mature bucks, as well as private property habitat management.
WTR Tina | Hunt Of A Lifetime
There is beauty in being able to grant wishes, especially to children who are diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Founder of Hunt of a Lifetime, Tina Pattison, does exactly that by giving these kids an opportunity to fulfill their dream to hunt. Inspired by her own son, Tina shares with us the origin of Hunt of a Lifetime and why she made it her mission to make sure children achieve their hunting dreams. Jim and Kris