#475 HuntFiber = DIY Hunting & Fitness with Lindsay Perscio


My name is Lindsay Persico. I live in Montana with my three little kiddos and my sweet husband.

I stay at home and take care of managing the household and in my spare time I pursue my love of hunting and all aspects of outdoor life.

Canning, processing game, hiking, shooting and camping are just some of the interests I find myself enjoying.

I started this blog, Hunt Fiber, https://huntfiber.com/  https://www.facebook.com/huntfiber/   https://twitter.com/HuntFiber/  because I want to share my love and experiences with others and show the world that a regular girl can be an avid and successful hunter on public land.

My stories have been shared on Camo is the New Black, Rack’D Up Outdoors, Citizen Sportsman, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and The Montana Wilderness Association page. I have also written articles for The Outdoor Channel and am a content writer for Earned- the DIY Journal. I am honored to be Pro Staff for Rack’D Up Outdoors as well.

My love of hunting began as a little girl as I watched my dad head out on hunting trips and later packed my own gear along and headed out with him. He taught me so much and really helped me develop my love for wildlife and the outdoors.

HuntFiber Fitness was born from HuntFiber.com where the love of hunting and the outdoors is celebrated. This lifestyle is more fully enjoyed when the adventurer is fit and healthy.

From this truth is where HuntFiber Fitness got its wings. As a lifelong seeker of fitness I chose to get my NASM Personal Training certification so that I could help bring more opportunities and outdoor experiences to life for those around me. My goal is to bring you farther into the woods and closer to the game.

May your adventures always be long, exciting and fit. Sincerely, Lindsay Persico

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