#476 Landscaping for trophy whitetails – Kasey Thren


Kasey Thren says..Why Quality Deer Management? I fell into this profession because it was a calling to me. I love hunting deer and it has always been a staple in my life.

This is a way to be around my serenity year-round. The education I’ve gathered and continue to accumulate is endless and I’m up for the challenge. Kasey Thren

My goal is to meet your goals and expectations. What I have learned and worked hard for through blood sweat and tears is to know I will give you everything I have to make your hunting experience fun and memorable.

Kasey Thren secrets from… http://www.completedeer.tv/

1. Inventory your deer herd
2. Test your soil
3. Must have food, cover and water
4. Know your neighbors
5. make the deer travel where you want them to go
6. Minimize the number of permanent stands
7. Never stop learning
8. Have a 365 day food plot plan

FUN is the number one objective.

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