ATA #09 Outdoor Devotion – Jared Van Hees


Outdoor Devotion – Jared Van Hees

Jared Van Hees
Outdoor Devotion

The online honey-hole for those who constantly eat, sleep & breathe the outdoors. We devote all free time to the woods & water, with our family & friends!

Instead of letting all of our past footage sit on our hard drives, being watched only by us, waiting for the next inevitable computer crash to put it at risk….

Jared Van Hees

we finally decided to do something useful with it! From that idea… was born. (

It is exactly what it sounds like…devotion to the outdoors. We are Michigan based outdoor enthusiasts, who primarily focus on bow hunting mature whitetails. Most of us have known each other for many years, and have an ongoing hunting dialog via email, that we now are putting online. Outdoor Devotion – Jared Van Hees

We hunt all over Michigan, and all over the Midwest as well. Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado and Illinois, have all been a part of our past experiences. Outdoor Devotion – Jared Van Hees

It is exactly what it sounds like…devotion to the outdoors.

Not only do we hunt whitetails, we also find other ways to keep busy when deer season ends. Scouting for the next deer season, ice fishing, shed hunting, turkey hunting & walleye fishing are a few ways we like to stay sharp. You can fond us on Face Book ( and Instagram (

Follow along as we post up our season highlights, and feel free to send in your successes to be published along with ours!

Outdoor Devotion
Outdoor Devotion

About Jared Van Hees..,“The day I passed Hunter’s Safety, I begged my Dad to take me duck hunting.  We walked down to the Grand River in Grand Haven, MI and he told me to be ready.  As we stalked up to the water’s edge….we jumped 3 mallards and I shot my first duck!  Since then, the obsession has gotten worse each year.

College came along, where I scheduled my classes around bow season.  This made for long Tuesdays & Thursdays on campus, but gave me lots of time to become the bow hunter I am today.  I learned the basics of chasing mature bucks.  Since then, my number 1 target is Mr. Big….but I still believe the trophy is in the eye of the beholder.

These days I find myself raising my twin girls when I’m not working.  One day I will have two little hunting buddies, so raising them outside is important to me.  When I do get free time, I am in the woods.”

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