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Wally Carmichael Men of Abundance

Wally Carmichael
Men of Abundance

The Men of Abundance Community (http://menofabundance.com/) is a community of men who strive to be abundant in everything we do in life. The greatest men among us have an abundant vs. a scarcity mentality. No one man is better than the next, but we can all be better than the man we was yesterday. “Become the change that you wish to see in the World” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Yeah, Men of Abundance originally started out because I am writing a book called, Living Your Life of Abundance. As I was going through and writing the book chapter by chapter, I realized there’s too much of me injected into the book and I didn’t want all of me and all of my background and all of my lifestyle in the book, I wanted other people in the book as well.

In podcasting, as amazing as it is, I was introduced to Ryan Daniel Moran’s Freedom Fast Lane. Wally Carmichael Men Abundance

Living Your Life of Abundance

Ryan wanted to get in contact and have one-on-one conversations with guys like Grant Cardone (http://www.grantcardone.com/) and they guys from the Shark Tank and all these different people in different industries. But of course, you would have to pay a lot of money to talk with these guys. Wally Carmichael Men Abundance

So what he did was he created conference in Austin, where he would invite all of these speakers to come of course, and he would pay them. And then he had guests come who were gonna pay him so that he could pay his guests. I thought, “Well, that’s amazing.” That’s about the time I discovered I could be a podcaster. I could start my own podcast and I did basically the same thing. Wally Carmichael Men Abundance

I started my podcast so that I could talk with other influencers and gather information about other people living a life of abundance. Specifically, men, but I do talk to women on the show as well, because let’s face it, we have a lot to learn from women, right? Wally Carmichael Men Abundance

Bruce: Yes.

Wally: So, really the whole thing about Men of Abundance is paying it forward. Living a life of abundance and everything that we do in life in our relationships, in our faith, in our vocation, whether it’s a job or a business, or both.

Men of Abundance
Men of Abundance

If you have a job on the side also we talk a lot about that on the show. We talk a lot about fatherhood, I’ve had guests on out of the Navy Seal on, David who wrote the book about Navy Seals and how they raise their sons.

We talk a lot about relationships, quite frankly, we talk a lot about business. Since I’m retired, since I’m a veteran, an entrepreneur, I still work a full-time job as well. I attract veteran entrepreneurs, so we talk a lot about that. We just have a great time. We talk a lot about different stuff.

So generally, I want it to be 30 to 40 minutes, but hey, sometimes the conversations just go on, and they’re very, very amazing conversations. We just have a conversation. We just talk and share our kick in the gut moment, I like for my guests to come on and share that moment in life, whether in personal or business that was just a kick in the gut.

Because anybody who’s trying to progress in life you’re gonna have failures. Don’t try to avoid them. Those are fuel for your fire. Those are nutrition for your brain. Those failures are where you learn. Then we go right into talking about that pivot point, that enough is enough. That point in your life where you said, “This is enough, I’m not gonna live this way no more, I’m not gonna be consumed by porn and alcohol and drugs, I’m not gonna be consumed by working for some guy or some person that I just can’t stand that doesn’t treat me right. I’m not gonna live this way.” And they make that pivot point, they make that decision.

We go into that and then we basically talk about what they’re doing at this point in life, how they’re helping other people in their community, how they’re helping their family, and so on. Some of these conversations just are amazing. There’s tears shed from time to time, and there’s a lot of laughter.

When I had Jay Papasan on the show, he’s the co-author of The One Thing, and him and Geoff Woods who is the vice-president of The One Thing Team, and a host of a podcast called The Mentee, they played a little practical joke on me at the beginning of the episode. So, you can go and listen to that. But we just have a good time and talk man stuff that most men feel they can’t talk about.

Then I have a community associated with that as well that I’m building, where men can go in there and we try to keep it just men. On the internet, you can’t really know they can have [inaudible 00:16:27] and stuff, but I do try to keep that just men so that we can have those conversations that quite frankly, some of us can’t have with our peers, unfortunately.

I say find those circles because you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and if you can’t have those hard conversations with your peers that you live around, that you’re hanging around with, that you’re out talking with.

And I know it’s been many years since I’ve been out hunting. I grew up in Arizona hunting deer, elk, rabbit in my backyard basically, and when men are out, we talk. It’s good to have those conversations.

Bruce: Yeah, you just sent a huge amount of information and listeners to become better, you gotta hang around the people that you wanna become like, because you’re gonna model. We always used to say, “If you run with coyotes, you’re gonna become a coyote.” You could say, “If you run with a lion you’ll become a lion.” Or “Fly with the eagles you’re gonna become an eagle.”

However you wanna word it. But there isn’t a lot of truth, that is truth and the other thing is, I think of yesterday I had coffee with Justin. Justin’s a friend that I met and I mentor people. I’ve been doing that for years, mentor young men, and it’s just amazing a couple of things popped out. One, something that I call the heart of the matter, and very few men get to the heart of the matter. It sounds like Wally, that you do on your show, so guys tune into Men of Abundance, but more than that, be real with your friends.

Be real not only with your wife and family, but find some guys you can be real with because we all have issues, we all have challenges. It goes on and on as time compresses and the stresses come up, be it money, be it relationships, whatever, we need each other. And the other part of that is faith. Wally, talk about faith.

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